9 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day If You're Stuck In The Office On March 17

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There may still be snow on the ground in some parts of the country, but that won't stop Americans from celebrating St. Patrick's Day. No matter the weather, Irish and non-Irishmen alike will wander the streets on March 17 in search of parades, pubs, and parties. Sounds like the dream day, right?

And for many of us, that’s all it will be — a dream. This year, much to our dismay, St. Patrick's Day falls on a Tuesday. So unless you're a college student or plan on calling in sick on St. Patrick's Day, you will be celebrating the holiday with your co-workers instead of inebriated strangers. You'll be forced to watch the festivities from your window, while answering a slew of texts from drunk friends who are wondering "where U R."

But don't throw in the green towel yet folks. Although you can't show up to work drunk or spend the day kissing everyone who's wearing green, you can still celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. With a little creativity, you can participate in all the holiday's traditions without leaving your cubicle. Whether you want to focus on the food, fashion, or both, here are some easy ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day when you're stuck in the office from 9 to 5.

Image: Sébastien Barré/Flickr

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