Who Run The World? 'Game of Thrones' Girls

by Maitri Suhas

Winter is coming, and it looks like the women are just about damn well fed up with it. In the new surprise trailer for Game Of Thrones season 5 that Apple revealed as part of their new partnership with HBO, it looks like all the badass ladies of George R.R. Martin's universe are ready to raise hell full force. As Khaleesi once said, "All men must die."

And it looks like Dany, Arya, Sansa and the rest of the crew have never been more committed to this mantra. GoT is rife with amazing characters (who you should never, ever get attached to), and sure, some of them are men: who isn't gunning for Tyrion Lannister, the imp? But let's be real: when it comes to Game Of Thrones, the real heroes are the women, even Cersei Lannister. Evil as she is, she was still married to a drunken king that got killed by a boar. It's easy to get exhausted dealing with all these dudes who are les incomptetents.

Daenerys is at the end of her rope, and she's planning to smash the glass ceiling. Oops, the glass wheel. "I'm not going to stop the wheel," she says. "I'm going to break it." This is best pitch for a wheel we've heard since Don Draper's Kodak carousel nostalgia-machine. We see Dany slaying — or at least her huge army slaying, and her conflict with her baby dragons who, at the end of season four, started to get pretty rebellious. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die, and all men must die, so if A + B = C, Khaleesi will hopefully eventually reign supreme.

Who else we got? We see Arya and that damn coin again; at the end of season four, thinking that everyone she knew or loved had died, Arya sets sail to Bravos with the coin that Jaqen H'ghar gave her because she was just trying to make the best of a bad situation. Same reason that Sansa (who we also see in the trailer looking hella troubled) lied for and kissed Petyr Baelish (gag).

There's Brienne, looking pissed — we saw in the GoT teaser trailers that Brienne has had it up to HERE with all these worthless kings. We know that Brienne is noble and good, and she just wants a good king to serve. But as she says in the trailer, "The good lords are dead and the rest are monsters." And of course, some of the monster lords are dead, too (later Joffrey, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya). But it's tough to see Brienne so hard-up on the world. It's hard to stay true and good in the dog-stab-dog world of Westeros, and we don't wanna see Brienne lose her edge. (Maybe Pod will keep her grounded).

Miss Margaery Tyrell is having her third wedding to infant Tommen (we don't see her hilarious grandmother in the trailer, but rest assured she's not far behind). Margaery has her eyes on the goddamn prize, and she will go to any lengths to be the Queen. Even marrying not one but TWO Lannister babies. That's commitment.

And then there's the mother-effing SAND SNAKES! One of Oberyn's fierce daughters has come back to avenge him is whipping... a barrel off a bald man's head? It looks like? The point is, the women are MAD and they're not barring any holds anymore.

Game Of Thrones is pretty harsh on women, and that's no secret. But it looks like in season five the ladies will wholly unleash their fury, much like Khaleesi's dragons unleashing their fire in the new trailer. Wild things can't be tamed, and as Cersei Lannister once told Oberyn (RIP hottie), "Everywhere in the world they hurt little girls." Luckily Dany, Arya, Sansa, Margaery, and all the rest still fight like girls, which is to say, fiercely, brilliantly, and like a boss. The men of Game Of Thrones fight for titles and land and debts, but the women fight for power, and it looks like they are gonna get a whole lot of it in season five.

Game Of Thrones premieres April 12.

Images: HBO (2)