'House of Cards' Remy & Jackie Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together If Star Mahershala Ali Is To Be Believed

Romance and politics don't exactly go hand-in-hand on a show like House of Cards (or, you know, just in life in general). But that hasn't stopped dedicated 'shippers from hoping for a Remy and Jackie reunion — a sentiment that finally came to fruition at the end of Season 3 courtesy of a late night hook-up. Could this possibly mark the start of a rekindled romance between these two characters or was it simply a one-time thing? I thought it best to get answers right from the source, which is why I discussed the matter directly with actor Mahershala Ali, who weighed in on Remy and Jackie's future together… or rather, lack thereof.

"I think it would be more of a one-time thing," Ali says. "As passionate as they obviously feel for one another, Jackie has made certain choices that make it impossible for Remy to have some of the things he really wants for himself." Like monogamy, for starters, which was something Remy made quite clear to Jackie back in Season 2. "So for her to be married now and for them to have an affair or this moment in time where they crossed that line, I know for Remy he wouldn’t be comfortable continuing on in that way." But… but… whyyy?!?!

Then there's the fact of what having an affair could do to Jackie's own political career, which, according to Ali, could result in "political ruin" for her future ambitions, whatever they may be. "So I think that aspect of their relationship would have to be really short lived because it isn’t in alignment with what works for either one of those characters," Ali says. And while I get the logic behind that statement, my heart can't help in rooting for these two to get back together. They share such great chemistry on-screen. Plus, it would give Remy an extra bit of incentive to stick around for a while next season.

But that's not to say that Ali doesn't love and appreciate the Remy-Jackie 'shipper community. In fact, he even revealed his preferred couple name: "Rackie. I like Rackie," he said. (Let's get this name trending, shall we?) So even though their future may look rather grim at this point in time, I, for one, am not ready to give up on this dynamic duo just yet. Not when their feelings for each other are still so palpable. #TeamRackie for the win!

Images: David Giesbrecht/Netflix (2); houseofcardsnetflix/Tumblr