The Double 'Bachelorette' Problem Is Easy To Fix

Bachelor Nation is still reeling from ABC's terrible decision to cast two Bachelorettes for the 2015 season and then let the men decide which one they want. On Monday night, Chris Harrison revealed that both Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe will be the Bachelorettes, at least for one night. During the premiere, the men in the house will get to choose which woman they want to stay and complete The Bachelorette journey, and which woman to send home. Since that's the worst, most sexist idea ever, I've decided to fix it. The show should let both Kaitlyn and Britt be the Bachelorettes all season long, and let them both find love. Update: Bustle reached out to ABC, but the network declined to comment.

I hate the idea of pitting the two women against each other to campaign for a roomful of men who don't really know them. The issue of #TeamBritt or #Team Kaitlyn is already dividing the fans, and the premiere date hasn't even been announced yet. Honestly, the whole thing is gross. Both women deserve a chance at love, and for ABC to put that chance out there for them while making them aware that it will be taken away from one of them months later is so mean. (Regarding the Bachelorette plot twist, ABC has not responded to Bustle's request for comment.)

So I have a solution that works out for everyone while still giving us the most dramatic season in Bachelorette history. Both women should stick around all season, and here's how and why it can work.

Bringing In More Men = Drama, Drama, Drama

Chris Soules' season had 30 women, so why can't the Bachelorettes have a large group of men? On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the ladies admitted that they don't have the same taste in guys, so there really wouldn't be much overlap. But, if there was, there's some drama for you.

It Would Provide Clarity for the Men

I've always been a little annoyed at the idea that all the men (or women) in the house automatically fall for the Bachelor/Bachelorette. It's just not realistic to expect 25 different people to all genuinely like one person. But, if there were two to choose from, they could gauge their feelings better. Then it would be more like, "I know I like Kaitlyn, because, even though Britt is right there, I still want to be with Kaitlyn." As opposed to, "Of course I like Kaitlyn! She's the only woman here and we exist in a vacuum of romance that will be shattered by reality when we leave!" It's more of a Bachelor in Paradise approach, but hopefully with less alcohol.

It Would Create Constant Interesting Action

With two Bachelorettes, there wouldn't be as much boring down time like with previous seasons. The show could pack in twice the drama and dates in the same amount of time and, finally, the two-hour spot they command will feel necessary.

It Allows A Balance of Personality

As Kaitlyn joked after the announcement, "I think we would make a pretty good first impression with the tears and the laughs," she said, referencing Britt's emotions and her own love for dirty jokes. But, in all seriousness, they both possess qualities that make for good TV. Together, they make the perfect Bachelorette combo. They'll bring a combined level of hilarity, seriousness, and emotion to the season that is hard to get from just one person.

It Could End In Two Proposals

What's better than one proposal? Two proposals! Now that would be the most dramatic finale ever, and everyone gets to go home happy. I think this is a winning idea, and ABC is totally allowed to use it free of charge. Just as long as I don't have to see women be pitted against each other come the season premiere.

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