The Double 'Bachelorette' Rules Are Fuzzy

On Monday night the double Bachelorette announcement rocked Bachelor Nation. Chris Harrison revealed that both Britt and Kaitlyn will be competing on the 2015 season. If you're confused about how that is supposed to work, you're not alone. The two Bachelorettes stopped by Jimmy Kimmel and tried to explain the double Bachelorette rules. Only that was hard because they don't really even understand it themselves. "I texted Kaitlyn and was like, 'So, whaaat?'" Britt said of when she got the news. "And I said, 'Haha, yeah. Whaaat?'" Kaitlyn responded.

As far as I can understand from what Harrison and Kimmel said, the show will work like Season 6 of The Bachelor where two men were brought in and the women voted for their favorite. Then the loser was sent home and Byron Velvick became that season's leading man. So The Bachelorette Season 11 will probably have the men choosing between the two women, and it's pretty messed up.

"It's probably not ideal but I think we're handling it well," Kaitlyn said, while her eyes said she was pretty pissed still. It's not that the two women aren't friends, but this situation is far from ideal. It's pretty mysonginistic and Jimmy Kimmel didn't help things.

He asked them a lot of questions about hot tubs and whether both of the ladies would find themselves in the same hot tub at the same time. Kaitlyn deflected the uncomfortable question by joking that she'd been in worse hot tub situations, like when Jimmy Kimmel crashed her date with Chris.

But Kimmel wouldn't let things go and kicked up the creep level factor with another question. "Is there any possibility the two of you will make out?" he asked. The two women seemed shocked by the question, and I was appalled. This show is turning a sweet journey of love for one woman into a gross male fantasy where two pretty ladies depend on the men's attention to stay in the house.

I am so grossed out and disappointed in ABC. This is going to be a dramatic train wreck of a season, and not the kind Bachelor fans usually look forward to watching. Both women deserve better than this, and The Bachelorette has really let them down.

Images: Denton Hanna, Richard Carlson/ABC