How To Go On Vacation With Your Significant Other

by Leah Rocketto

So you're planning a vacation with your significant other, hm? Well you deserve it! Between the late work nights and lengthy winter, it's time to take a little break from reality. And what better person to go on a vacation with than your significant other? As fun as it can be to go on a solo getaway, there is something nice about boarding a plane with your partner by your side. (Not to mention vacation sex is absolutely amazing.)

But before you pack your suitcases, there are a few things to think about first. Although some couples can circumnavigate the globe without a single quarrel, others may have a harder time making it through a few days away. It's true, a week-long getaway can be romantic. It can also be irritating and stressful as all hell. So much so that it could kill what was once a healthy relationship.

Luckily, you control the vacation — it doesn’t control you. If you and your partner discuss a few key topics before booking the trip and keep these helpful hints in mind while you're away, you two should be able to survive (and even enjoy) a few nights out of town. Avoid being that couple that fights on vacation, and consider these tips before traveling with your significant other.

1. Make sure you're ready

You two may be desperate for a little R&R, but that doesn't mean you should go away together. If you aren't able to spend long stretches of time with one another, then it wouldn't be wise to take a two week cruise. Test the waters with a weekend getaway before booking a longer vacation.

2. Set a budget and stick to it

Before you look at destinations, take a look at your bank account. Knowing how much you can realistically spend on everything (and we do mean everything) will make the planning process easier. On a similar note, agree to a 50/50 payment plan. Worrying about who covered what will make it difficult to enjoy your time away, and could cause a fight in the future.

3. Get out of town

Staycations can be nice, but it's important to venture outside familiar territory. This is especially important if you feel like you two have fallen into a rut, as the change in scenery might help rekindle your spark and add a little zest back into your relationship.

4. Plan your trip together

As much as you want to surprise your SO with a romantic trip for two, I wouldn't recommend it. In order to truly enjoy a vacation, both parties have to be happy with the destination, accommodations, and activities. This also makes it impossible to play the blame game should something go wrong during the getaway.

5. Discuss any concerns before booking the trip

And we don't just mean a fear of flying. If either one of you has an odd habit or apprehensions about the relationship, it is important to bring it up before you commit to the time away. Because the last thing you want to do on vacation is fight.

6. Avoid any and all spring break destinations

You guys did the crazy college break when you were younger. Now it's time to vacation like adults. Of course, this doesn’t mean traveling to a retirement community. It merely means being mindful when choosing your location and travel dates.

7. Cut off communication to the outside world

The point of traveling with your significant other is to spend more time together — and less time with your phone. If for some reason you really need to be in the loop, set aside a specific time each day where you can catch up on any urgent emails, phone calls, or Instagram posts.

8. Have an itinerary

If you are visiting an attraction-heavy destination, then this is a must-do. Although you don't need to schedule every second, a general agenda will allow you to do everything you want without becoming stressed about it.

9. Never let yourselves get hungry

Nothing tears a couple apart quite like hanger (a.k.a, a lethal combination of hunger and anger). To avoid any hangry episodes, stock your carry-ons with plenty of snacks, and stick a map of restaurants in your pocket whenever you go exploring.

10. Take some time apart

You want to spend an affectionate day at the spa. Your partner wants to spend the day at the beach. Rather than one or both of you sacrificing your preferred activity, do them separately. This will give you something to talk about when you meet up later, and provide you with a little alone time.

11. Keep it positive

It is rare to take a vacation without encountering some sort of travel disaster. But flying off the handle won’t make the situation better, and it certainly won't please your partner. Keep calm and remember that, at the end of the day, you are away with the person you love. No mishap can ruin that fact, right?

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