Mindy & Danny Are Having A Boy On 'The Mindy Project,' And They're Finally Able To Celebrate Properly

On Tuesday's episode of The Mindy Project , Danny and Mindy go head-to-head with Danny's priest in hopes of convincing him Mindy is Catholic. The episodes cheeky religious-based content was full of jokes and tongue-in-cheek comments that are bound to make some people uneasy, but the idea of the episode is much more than laughing at religious-based situations (even though they were very well-written — see: "The Bible is on fleek."). Instead, it was much more about Danny and Mindy finally celebrating the fact that they're having a baby, and it's a boy!

Up until this point in the season, Mindy and Danny seemed optimistic about their future as parents, but the true happiness that comes with expecting a baby didn't really set in yet. On Tuesday's episode, Danny gets further and further from that happiness when he has to lie to his church's new Father in order to be absolved of his sins and keep his "golden boy" image at the church. With that, he told Father Michael (played by Stephen Colbert) the following: 1) Mindy is Catholic, 2) Mindy isn't pregnant, 3) They live together, but in bunk beds, 4) They are really strict Catholics (to live up to Father Michael's standards).

In one scene at a dinner party between Mindy, Danny, and Father Michael, Father Michael brings up a rumor he had heard about Danny that he was dating a "godless sex maniac." Danny quickly attributes that rumor to an ex-girlfriend (lie), who was bad news (lie), who he would never marry (LIE!). Clearly, Mindy was hurt by these comments, and excused herself to her bunk bed.

But Danny couldn't keep his excitement a secret when Father Michael saw his sonogram screensaver — seriously, Danny is going to be such a cute father. When Danny fesses up to the mountain of lies he has created, Mindy overhears him saying he wouldn't want to lie about his son (!!), he doesn't feel guilty about anything, and he's never been happier about anything.

This moment is such a groundbreaking moment for Danny and Mindy because they're finally able to celebrate their pregnancy in the right way. Up until now, they have been regarding it, but the excitement just wasn't there. Also, IT'S A BOY, and a baby Castellano boy is going to be so cute, and probably be named something trendy like Jaden Smith Lahiri-Castellano or Peeta Lahiri-Castellano. Just brainstorming.

Images: Michael Becker/FOX