Justin Bieber & Kevin Hart Play Tennis Against Each Other & As If That's Not Odd Enough, An *NSYNC Member Was There Too

Nothing like a bit of bloodsport to rile up two opponents before a good old night of brutal jokes. Even if said blood sport is not so bloody... and played at a country club. Justin Bieber and Kevin Hart played tennis against each other this week, which I'm sure was great foreplay for Bieber's Comedy Central Roast which Hart is hosting. It also sounds like a scene that I'd be at least moderately interested in watching.

Bieber and Hart got some of their mutual excess energy out in advance of Bieber's March 30 Roast, and did some good as an added bonus. Held on Tuesday, the Desert Smash tennis tournament benefitted Cancer For College, a fund that gives college scholarships to cancer survivors.

As Contact Music reports, Bieber and Hart ended up playing a game of doubles against each other, with Canadian tennis pro Eugenie Bouchard and Access Hollywood host Billy Bush as their respective partners. Actor Timothy Olyphant also participated, and Natasha Bedingfield performed afterwards. To round out the extremely random-sounding lineup, Lance Bass was one of the commentators. Riddle me this: where were the Surreal Life cameras?

Hart was supposedly volleying jokes as well as balls, apparently warming up for the televised special that he will host. No word on who emerged victorious from this match, but if Bieber is as bad at tennis as he is at dodging eggs, I'm guessing that Hart probably murdered him.

For your consideration, I've imagined just how this game would go down...

Being all full of piss and vinegar, Bieber would start off super cocky.

Vexed by Bieber's arrogance, Hart would be determined to vanquish his opponent.

When Biebs' partner made the first point, he would do a little victory dance. #Swag

Then, Hart would be really mad. As payback, he would swat at the ball super aggressively and make the next point.

Ultimately, Bieber would have trouble keeping track of the fact that points are scored in increments of 15.

Hart wouldn't allow Bieber to forget his ignorance of this fact. He would rub it in like CRAZY.

After a seemingly interminably game, Lance Bass would step in and call it a draw.

I mean, c'mon, guys. Natasha Bedingfield has to set up.

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