Let's All Move To This Italian Treehouse Village

When I was little, my dad built a treehouse in our backyard. It was a magical meeting place for my sister and I, our friends, or to just escape to by ourselves to think all of our brilliant little kid thoughts. We could safely tuck away, hidden by high-reaching oak tree arms to doodle in our journals, watch squirrels, make up stories about the witch who lives in the swamp behind our house. As an adult, you don't get ample opportunities to disappear into the exotic innards of a home in the trees. That said, some crafty kids-at-heart across the world have attempted and pulled off some pretty breathtaking treehouses. However, designer Luciano Pia put them all to shame when he created an entire five-story apartment building that is basically a massive treehouse. #ApartmentGoals just went to another level, guys.

The building, called "25 Verde", is almost completely obscured by potted trees stuffing into every corner of the premises, as well as on the building itself. About 150 trees in total thrives in the urban Turin, Italy plot, absorbing close to 200 thousand liters of carbon dioxide every hour. That's one hell of an effective air purification system. Not to mention that, in the fall, all the trees' foliage change colors, making for quite the beautiful display of fiery hues. Again, can I just reiterate my overwhelming desire to live there? Sixty-three units make up the building, suspending its denizens in a busy part of town and keeping them separate from the street noise below. Talk about breathing easy.

I feel like you'd have to transform into a person of the utmost chill if you lived here. The building itself seems to be a kickass yoga session.

How cool do you think the 25 Verde citizens are? Do you think they all hang out like the eco-friendly, Italian version of Friends? Let's go ahead and say they do.

OK, so...who is coming with me to join the Italian, eco-friendly cast of Friends?

Images: Courtesy of Beppe Giardino