8 Reasons Why Elijah is The Best Original Vampire

By Kaitlin Reilly

Vampires — they may have a taste for human blood, but pop culture loves them just the same. When it comes to Vampire Diaries' spinoff series The Originals, there's one vampire who stands out amongst his kind, and that's Elijah Mikaelson. Sure, I get it — there are some of you out there who will go to bat for Elijah's brother Klaus, or move on from the Mikaelson clan entirely to tell me about the many, many reasons why Marcel is the vamp who tore out your heart. (Not literally, thank God.) Both options may be good, and I can't deny that those vampires have a certain charm — but at the end of the day, they just don't have anything on Elijah. There's something special about Elijah, and it's time that we celebrated the original for all he's worth.

But, what makes Elijah so special? Could it be his matter-of-fact way of delivering news, his tendency to love just a bit too strongly, or his fierce loyalty to his family? At the end of the day, it's all of these things — plus so, so much more. So what is it about Elijah that's so awesome? Here's why we should all be Team Elijah on The Originals, because he deserves to be adored.

He's an amazing brother

Elijah's family never fails to put him through the ringer. In the pilot episode alone, Klaus stuck a dagger in Elijah's back just to get him to be quiet! While most people would walk away from their cray family drama, Elijah has "given up on giving up" on his family, and he's willing to do whatever it takes for them.

He's a feminist

As Bustle's Christine DiStasio points out, Elijah has consistently proven that he's an advocate for women in power, and seems to have a ton of respect for his female peers. That's enough of a reason to ship Hayley and Elijah, right?

He'll go the distance to help someone he cares about

When Hayley's pregnancy was at risk, he wasn't afraid to jump into the pool to help slow her heart rate down, even if that meant getting all of his clothes wet (on another note: amazing idea, Originals writers.) This sexy scene ensued, because have you seen Elijah?

He's into literature

A well-read vampire isn't exactly a novelty — after all, anyone with an immortal life will have plenty of time to check out centuries worth of bestsellers. What's more impressive is the fact that Elijah has penned a journal of his very own, chronicling decades of his family's history. Maybe he'll turn his diaries into a memoir someday — disguised as fiction, of course.

He always dresses up

It doesn't matter if Elijah is attending some high-society function or if he's just strolling through the French Quarter — boy always wears a suit.

His pondering face is perfection

So many emotions, just in that one look.

Then again, so is that face in general

There's beauty at every single angle.

Even Elijah knows he's kind of the best

And who am I to disagree?

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