What Would 'Eye Candy' Season 2 Be About? Lindy's Cyber Journey Is Far From Over

Can you believe that it's already time for Eye Candy 's Season 1 finale? I feel like it was only yesterday that I found myself completely invested in Lindy's journey, the search for her long-lost sister Sara, and the manhunt for her super creepy stalker. (Never using a dating app ever again BTW.) And even though we all now know that the Flirtual Killer is Jake, there's still a ton of story left to tell, which is why a second season of Eye Candy is absolutely necessary. I'm being completely serious here, MTV. You can't introduce something this good to viewers and not expect them to want more. Ten measly episodes just isn't enough, my friends.

Sure, some of you may be thinking — but Kelly, now that the big mystery has been uncovered, what could Season 2 possibly be about? And while that's a fair point to make, let me assure you that this cyber crime thriller still has a lot of intriguing plot ammunition in its arsenal. After all, this series has created some very compelling and multi-layered characters that have so much left to share with us. We know almost nothing about many of their backstories, which seems like a crime in and of itself. So if/when Eye Candy returns, here are a few suggestions for what Season 2 should be about.

A New Flirtual Threat

Something tells me that Jake can't possibly be the only super creepy psycho killer taking up residence on this dating app. There are a lot of crazy people out there and Flirtual seems like the ideal breeding ground for stalkers. So even if Jake does end up getting killed or thrown behind bars, the series could introduce a new cyber threat or perhaps even a copycat.

Sara's Abductor

Though Sara's kidnapping has always been at the forefront of Lindy's mind, most of Season 1's episodes were dedicated to the Flirtual Killer. And since I still believe the Flirtual Killer and Sara's abductor are two different people (though Jake certainly does seem to know an awful lot about her), Season 2 would be the perfect opportunity to bring this creepy captor into the spotlight. Because we all know that Sara isn't actually dead… right?!?!

Babylon Strikes Back

We know Hamish was somehow involved with the site, but now that Tommy completely shut the online program down, there's bound to be some serious repercussions, whether that be in the form of pissed off customers or the actual creators themselves. Someone's going to have to pay for bringing such a disturbingly popular website down. So, Tommy, if I were you, I'd start watching my back.

But the bottom line here is: come back to us, Eye Candy. Our Monday nights just won't be the same without you.

Images: MTV; dyingtoconnect/Tumblr (3)