20 Pets Who Are Super Excited For St. Paddy's Day

by Megan Broussard

You may think you're excited about today's St. Patrick's Day festivities, but you have nothing on these furry guys. Everyone loves an adorable animal in costume, and these dogs and cats dressed up for St. Patrick's Day effortlessly embody all there is to celebrate on March 17. Frankly, they just can’t wait to partake (er, bark-take?) in all of the tail-chasing, pawesome party-throwing and purrfect parade-watching. And who can really blame them? It’s the one time of year when you can break out the obnoxious green suits, Shamrock-studded accessories, and top hats, and wreak havoc around the block. (OK, who am I kidding? It’s the only time of year we, as pet owners, get to put our animals through the adorable transformation they hate: turning them into little green men.)

I especially love to dress my cuddly cockapoo Chewbacca up to match me (which lasts a total of five minutes) before he shimmies out of his pink and green “Kiss Me! I’m a Cockapoo,”shirt. See image below for the perfect example. See how his fellow co-wagger, little Lulu the toy Schnauzer, loves her green sweater? What am I doing wrong as a puppy parent?!?

One important thing to note: no animals were harmed during the making of this article; though they do wish you’d take the hat and/or Shamrock shades off of them now. It’s nothing personal. They just can’t see and/or walk straight. “Wuv you!”

1. Bodhi, Bro

Something tells us this labrador will be that guy wearing shades in a dim pub. Chyeah, dog.

2. Call me McLabradoodle

“Me beard is me lucky charm.”

3. Mason the German (er, Irish?) Shepherd

On St. Paddy’s, this pup won’t be a German Irish Shepherd.

4. Kiss me! I'm a cute kitty

Here, St. Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

5. Hella Bella

Don’t you wish you could be this pumped about wearing green bows in your hair again? Oh wait, you can — on March 17.

6. Classic Sophie

This feline is like that one female friend we all have. It was her idea to go on the pub crawl, and she’s the first one ready to leave.

7. Woof

Raise the woof.

8. Wee Ivan

Oh, lookie! It’s a frenchie leprechaun.

9. Glamour Shot Gone Shamrock

Better than a selfie. It’s a shelfie.

10. Love in the Club

These pitts are an inspiration for all of those romantic hopefuls out there looking for the one on St. Patrick’s Day.

11. Top (Hat) of the Mornin' to Ya

What? Don’t I look excited?”

12. King Charles, the Party Animal

First one out, last one passed out.

13. Banjo the Yorkie

Hat tip for live music and dancing in the streets for this little guy.

14. Green Champagne for This Chihuahua

I don’t drink beer, dahling.

15. Pug Love

That’s no dog collar; that’s a green chain. Representin’.

16. Smitten Kitten

We have a feeling she’s not going to make it to the after-party.

17. Izzy for St. Shizzy

Green spectacles… better to see you and the St. Patrick’s Day parade with, my dear.

18. Pommy Wants a Patty

Beer goes well with St. Paddy’s and burger patties.

19. Bulldog Days of March

March on. Rock on. Whatever. Just don’t wake him up.

20. Lady and the Shamrock Shades

This cocker spaniel doesn’t need a tramp to buy her a bowl of spaghetti. But, she’ll take a beer though….

Image: Mark/Flickr