Stella McCartney Launches New Fur Free Fur Line

Ever since fashion month began, there have been a few trends we've been seeing nonstop, from the runway to the front row, and especially the street style. But one of the trends that ruled the whole month the most was fur, which for some, can introduce a lot of qualms. Do I wear fur? Do I go the faux fur route? Or do I just stay away from the whole animal hide thing completel? Well, question no more, because Stella McCartney's new Fur Free Fur line may have just made wearing this timeless trend a whole hair easier.

McCartney's move towards creating more cruelty-free products isn't new for the designer. She has already launched non-leather shoes and handbags, so going the faux fur route only seemed like the next natural step. Tacked with the 'fur free fur' print on the cuff of the new products, you can easily differentiate the faux from the faux-real (not just based on how they feel either).

After seeing Nicki Minaj and Solange rock beautiful fur jackets during their fashion week appearances, I was honestly tempted to steal my grandmother's floor length mink (she's a fur OG). But at the end of the day, I just couldn't do it. So seeing designers that I love put out products that my moral compass is okay with, makes me a very happy (and trendy) girl.

Images: StellaMcCartney/Instagram