7 DC Characters We Want To See On 'The Flash'

We've already seen some great superheroes and villains on The CW from both The Flash and Arrow. But there's something about The Flash's weekly introduction of metahumans that is just so much fun to watch. Arrow has started to really delve into the main story arc format quite a bit, taking a break from introducing several new baddies for Oliver and his Arrow Cave family to beat. But The Flash still has the novelty of introducing new (aka old favorite) characters into their world and to Central City. So who could fans see that would make the most impact, and who should be cast in their roles?

That's a tough question, because you wouldn't want to see anyone cast whose stardom would overpower their storyline, but it also must be someone who would work well with the rest of the group. And I've been told on multiple occasions by friends, coworkers, and even family, that I can't keep trying to convince The Flash to bring Felicity back for every episode while still making sure she appears on Arrow each week, so I need to find someone new to latch onto.

Who would continue to grow The Flash universe in the best possible way? Oh, there are options. A ton of options, actually, for both characters and the actors who should play them.

Bart Allen or Wally West


I know that Barry is still finding his footing as The Flash, but soon enough he'll get comfortable with his powers and saving Central City will become easy. It happened to Clark on Smallville! This would be the perfect time to introduce Wally West, Barry's grandson/relative from the future who traveled through time with his powers. Wally could easily work as a foil to Barry, causing him to try and up his game. In this role, I could easily someone like Aaron Tveit who's worked on indie films and Graceland, but hasn't fully broken out as a star just yet. Or The Flash could continue with its awesome diverse casting and bring 100-Foot Journey's Manish Dayal into the mix.

And with Bart, it would be nice to see someone like Tristan Wilds in the role, as he could easily be considered a future relative of Barry, Iris, and their children. Plus, Wilds has already had experience working on The CW on 90210, where he proved he's a great actor.

Martian Manhunter

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Barry and the S.T.A.R. Labs gang has to come across aliens, right? I mean, in the DC Comics world it seems all but inevitable. If there can be a Supergirl/Flash crossover someday, a Martian Manhunter appearance makes a whole lot more sense than without, but either way it would be cool to see the guy. I'm thinking someone like Idris Elba is absolutely impossible to get, but what about Derek Luke? He killed it on Empire and could totally be a younger Martian Manhunter.

Cobalt Blue


The Allen family's nemesis has yet to be introduced but his name is Malcolm Thawne, so maybe he's related to Harrison, now that we know he is Eobard Thawne. Maybe Malcolm is Harrison/Eobard's cousin or nephew, and could be introduced in a future timeline — though it would probably have to be quite a ways in the future. If so, Chuck star Zachary Levi is a good option, and Malcolm would be a fun little departure from his usual good guy ways. Or maybe all of this is moot now that Harrison revealed he is related to Eddie, and Eddie is destined to become Cobalt Blue.

Mirror Master


One of The Flash's villains from the comics is the Mirror Master, aka Sam Scudder, who has yet to be introduced on the CW series. Sure, his skill is a little strange, as he has mastered the use of mirrors as a way to fight The Flash and do his bad guy duties, but we've already seen a wide range of metahuman powers. In this case, it could be fun to see Grant Gustin's old Glee buddy Nolan Gerard Funk on the series, since Mirror Master is a recurring baddie in the comics. Plus, doesn't Funk just kind of scream evil hottie to you?

The Green Lantern


In the comics, the Green Lantern, aka Hal Jordan, and The Flash become friends after working together in the Justice League of America (though he was technically friends with Wally West's version of The Flash). What if the two become friends first then join the team together in The Flash TV series? If that can happen, it would be nice to see a reincarnated version of the Green Lantern, since the film with Ryan Reynolds was not so memorable. It could be awesome to see someone like Jake Abel from the Percy Jackson films or even Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford in the role. Again, both actors have worked on The CW before (Crawford with Gossip Girl and Abel with Supernatural), but Abel could bring a grittiness to the role that might be an interesting balance with Barry.

Or for some racially blind casting, which The Flash has already displayed with Iris and Joe West, what about someone like The Vampire Diaries' Michael Trevino or Gustin's fellow Gleealum Harry Shum Jr.?

Max Mercury

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In the comics, Max Mercury has a rich history. He's a speedster himself, thanks to a Native American shaman giving him powers, and he traveled through time trying to find and enter the Speed Force, an energy from another dimension that once powered The Flash's abilities. He later becomes an ally and mentor to both Wally West and Bart Allen's versions of The Flash, but since the series has been taking some liberties with the comics already (like Linda Park dating Barry when she was originally Wally West's girlfriend), why can't Max show up and help out Barry?

Especially now that it seems inevitable that Barry discovers Harrison's secret? Justified is almost finished, right? Maybe The Flash can add a little gruffness and grittiness (and sexiness) by casting Timothy Olyphant in this role? Oh man, that would be so exciting.

Megan Lockhart

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Megan is a private detective who investigates cases in Central City and often runs into The Flash during these investigations, and the two share an attraction. While this comic book description of Megan is not all that deep, it would be absolutely fascinating to see her get more developed on the series. And it would give Barry an excuse to step up his game and possibly even ask for help when the police can't pitch in.

Plus, it's always awesome to see another strong, badass female on the show! For this role, it would be fun to continue on the path of bringing in more women of color, perhaps an awesome Latina actress? Maybe Gina Rodriguez could do CW double duty and just film a few episodes here and there for The Flash in between Jane the Virgin shoots? Or if that's too difficult, maybe Natalie Martinez has time after filming Secrets & Lies?

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