You'll Want To Live Inside This Candy-Colored Art

If I could go back in time, I'd have to make one pit stop to let 5-year-old me know that all of her dreams would some day come true. It turns out, it is entirely physically possible to insert yourself into a Candy Land board. Australian artist Tanya Schultz designs stunning candy-colored art installations that make Princess Lolly's hangout look like total amateur hour. She calls her designs "Pip & Pop", and collects the pieces she incorporates in her work from her travels all around the world. So far, she's hit up Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands and the UK, but I would trade all the gum drops in the world for her to take these installations to the US.

Actually, while I'm reaching for the moon, I'd probably trade a piece of my soul for her to design my bedroom. I know this glittery fairy land might be the idea of some people's waking nightmares (specifically the people who are sending glitter to their enemies), but these art installations are basically my life goals. Most recently, Schultz's work was shown in Brisbane last December, but here's hoping that there will be even more where that came from. Tell me that these installations don't look delicious enough to eat:

Since I am both too lazy and too artistically stunted to imagine doing something like this myself, my suggestion for all of us Tanya wannabes ("Tanyabees"?) is to start small. Here's some other art you can make with candy, if you are strong-willed enough to stop yourself from eating it all first.

Candy-inspired manicures

Added bonus: Here's a built-in excuse to never do the dishes ever again!

Candy colored hair

Why not just take the candy colors everywhere you go? Seriously, I can't get enough of people with rainbow hair. My greatest disappointment in the human race is that we aren't all walking around with this technicolor bliss on our skulls.

DIY candy-making

Everybody knows that calories don't count if you make the candy yourself. Hey, pulling things out of the oven burns calories! And if you need any inspiration, we already have a ton.

Images: Pip-Pop/Facebook (11); How Sweet Eats (1); Imgur (1)