'Eye Candy' Season 1 Finale Needs To Answer These 9 Questions & Maybe A Few More Too

The time has come for the Season 1 finale of Eye Candy and I have about a million questions. First, what's even happening on this show right now? I don't know who to trust and who to believe. Who is bad? Is everyone bad? Is this all apart of Leonardo DiCaprio's Inception dream? Because that would explain a lot more to me. With the finale set to premiere on Monday, I don't feel like it is asking too much to hope that some of these questions are answered before I get into a deep dark rabbit hole on the Internet trying to grasp for any type of solutions I can find.

To recap: Lindy has been stalked by a terrifying person who is also killing people via an app called Flirtual. The Flirtual Killer was revealed to be Jake, the guy Lindy has been dating — and one of the few people she actually trusts now — and he killed a hell of a lot of people. Lindy is also trying to solve the disappearance of her sister, Sara, who went missing years ago after being abducted at a drive-thru. Lindy's relationship with the Cyber Crimes Unit has basically evaporated into thin air, as she found out that they've actually been using her for a while. So where does that leave us going into the Season 1 finale? With a lot of questions, that's for sure, all of which we need answered on Monday night.

Is Jake Really The Killer?

I just don't want to believe it. Plus, I assumed that the stalker voiceover would've had an Australian accent f it was Jake who did it. Ugh, continuity. (Then again, that would have given it away in like, two seconds.)

Why Is Jake Doing This?

What's this guy's story? In the preview he says "We all have to die to be reborn," so ummm, what?

Where Is Lindy's Sister?

I know that Jake and Lindy are en route to Hart Island to find out if Sara actually died, but I don't think she'll be there.

Did Jake Have Something To Do With The Kidnapping?

How long has the madness been going on?

Why Can't I Stop Thinking About How Other Cars Just Watched Sarah Get Abducted At The Drive-Thru?

I digress in the importance of the questions, especially because this is throwing it back all the way to the first episode, but HOW DID NO ONE DO ANYTHING? There were at least two cars in front of Lindy's at the drive-thru where Sarah was abducted. Did those two cars just sit back and relax during the struggle?

Who Else Is Going To Die?

And can I count them on one hand, or will it require more?

Will Tommy & Lindy Finally Get Together?

Tindy needs to happen now that Jake is, you know, a sociopath. But will Lindy live to let it happen? Will Tommy? Will ANYONE?

How Did Jake Kill Tessa?

Wasn't he out of town with Lindy? Can he teleport? Is that the twist? This question brings me to the one I've been wondering all season...

Is Jake The Only Flirtual Killer?

Or is he working with someone? Because there have been times where I feel like he would need to be in two places at once (see above). If Jake is working with someone, is it someone we know? Let's hope Eye Candy makes good use of its final hour and gives us all of the answers we need.

Images: MTV; EyeCandyGIFS/Tumblr (9)