Man Builds Itty-Bitty Cakes In Itty-Bitty Kitchen

I'm a firm believer that everything is better in miniature form: Mini-cupcakes fly off the shelves, pygmy goats and pygmy pigs are maybe the cutest creatures to walk the earth, and even baby humans are decidedly better than the grown-up ones. (Sorry, all of us, but you know it's true.) It is because of my firm faith in the goodness of mini things that I wholeheartedly approve of the people behind Miniature Space, who use tiny utensils in a tiny kitchen to make itty bitty cakes.

Their Facebook page and YouTube channel are mostly in Japanese, so I don't have a lot of context here, but I also don't need any. The kitchen is dollhouse-sized, but unexpectedly and delightfully functional, which our faceless hero demonstrates as he takes us through the steps of making the teensiest, most adorable strawberry cake you've ever seen. I mean, yeah, I'd probably have to eat about a hundred of these before I felt anything close to satisfied, but hey, I'm up to the challenge if they are.

The good news is, the video was so elaborate that it shouldn't be all that difficult for us to achieve sugary victory right along with them. The next time you feel like throwing a tea party for the ants in your bedroom, follow these simple steps.

1. Have a kitchen

2. Freak everyone out by using a piece of bread to show them how freakishly small your kitchen is

3. Cut the bread an adorably small cookie cutter, and repeat

4. Retrieve your solitary strawberry from your secret fridge

5. Cut that bad boy up into mini cake filling.

6. Sammich it up with a dollop of frosting.


8. OK, you know what? If you've made it this far without eating it, then you've learned all I can teach you, because I wouldn't have, personally.

9. Ta da!!

Sweet, sweet victory. Here's the full video below:

If making mini-cake hasn't quite lit your mini-fire, then they also have instructional videos on how to make mini-food pudding and even mini-food ramen, because why not? Make the world your mini-oyster. All the cool kids are doing it.

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