How Did Britney Spears & Charlie Ebersol Meet? The Singer Has Her Dad & Reality TV To Thank

Britney Spears is my girl. I have this weird one-sided relationship with her as a superfan. I just love her to death and want her to be happy. Needless to say, I am not a fan of some of her romantic pairings over the years, but based on Instagram alone, Britney Spears appears to be over the moon with her current boyfriend Charlie Ebersol. I like him, even though I, obviously, don't actually know him, and he really seems to make her happy. So how did Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol meet in the first place?

After Spears' last boyfriend David Lucado cheated on her, I wanted her to have a boyfriend that her loved ones approved of, and that's exactly how Ebersol came into her life. Not only do Brit Brit's family and friends approve of her relationship with Ebersol, but it was her father, Jamie Spears, who brought the couple together.

So, how did this come about. Well, a source told Radar Online, "Britney and Charlie have hit it off and she has her father to thank for this." According to The Daily Mail, Ebersol has his own TV production company and met Jamie Spears when he was pitching an idea for a reality show for Britney. The two had more meetings and eventually Jamie brought his daughter in to meet Charlie. This lead to some "dinner meetings" and eventually these dinner meetings excluded Jamie Spears and the rest of the Spears entourage.

That was a quick summary, but it wasn't that easy getting a date with Britney Spears. Rumor has it that Jamie Spears did more than give his approval for Ebersol to date his daughter. There have been conflicting reports about Ebersol having to sign a nondisclosure agreement before going on a first date with Spears. Some sources say this legal agreement does not exist and others say that Ebersol could not even meet the pop princess without signing a confidentiality agreement.

Well there you have it, sometimes it's good to go to those "boring work events." Yes, most of us don't have meetings for reality show opportunities, but you get what I'm saying. It's great that Britney Spears had an open mind and found love. On top of that, most of us have this natural inclination to shy away from parental guidance, but it looks like Jamie Spears found a great catch so it's nice that Britney took his advice.

And if you don't believe yet that these two are loving life together, just check out these pics and let their happiness seep through your computer screen: