Will Morgan & Tamra Get Back Together On 'The Mindy Project'? Xosha Roquemore Offers Up A Sign Of Hope

It was a sad day indeed when The Mindy Project decided to break up Morgan and Tamra — one of the show's most dynamic (and hilarious) couples, (aside from Mindy and Danny, of course). So to see seven months of romance go up in flames was downright heartbreaking, I'm not going to lie. But is there any chance of a possible reconciliation in their future? As it turns out, it might not be too late for these ex-lovebirds after all. During a recent chat I had with Xosha Roquemore, who plays Tamra, she revealed that one thing she'd really love to see from her character in future seasons — assuming that The Mindy Project gets renewed, which, let's be honest here, it better be — is a rekindled romance between Tamra and Morgan.

"I want Tamra and Morgan to get back together," Roquemore admitted, right before adding a brand new surge of hope to the 'shipping masses. “Which I think might happen. We’ll see.” Look, I know it's not an exact confirmation or anything, but I'll take it! This is just what Mindy fans needed to hear. We may have lost the wonder that is Adam Pally's Peter Prentice, but Morgan and Tamra's love still has the chance to live on.

Of course, this road to a reconciliation more than likely won't come easy, especially since Morgan's been having a good time playing the field, first with Danny's mom (LOL) and then with Jessica (above), played by Julia Stiles. But given how much Morgan pined for Tamra during her Ray Ron days in the past, I have a feeling it wouldn't take much of a spark to help reignite his feelings for his former flame. And now that I know Roquemore herself is completely onboard with the idea, it makes the odds even that more substantial.

So come on, Mindy Project, don't keep us waiting for too long. These two have such great chemistry together and deserve another shot at their happily ever after. It's time to start turning this fantasy into a full-blown reality. Pretty please?

Images: John P. Fleenor/FOX; Beth Dubber/FOX