6 Reasons Jimmy Kimmel Should Be On 'The Bachelorette,' Because His 'Bachelor' Appearance Was Amazing

The last season of The Bachelor had a lot of great moments, but deciding which one is my favorite is easy: When Jimmy Kimmel stepped in to guest host for the day. His presence alone was refreshing, as was his addition of the Amazing Jar, a concept that should've been introduced to this series years ago. And since his episode was so perfect, Jimmy Kimmel should totally be on The Bachelorette , too.

Why? The reasons are endless, but it's mostly because his approach is so different from Chris Harrison's, who is usually so serious. Besides, I have no doubt that if ABC asked him, Kimmel would be back in a heartbeat, especially because he's such a fan.

Besides, with his own late night show, Kimmel already has this TV persona down pat — and it's a rare moment when he isn't focused on making sure his audience is laughing. There are a lot of wonderful moments on this show, but I think we're definitely due for a little more light-heartedness. And, at the most basic level, Kimmel's a truly nice guy. He could easily relate to Becca and Kaitlyn this season, especially when they were dealing with making a serious decision or stressing out.

Kimmel needs to be a Bachelorette staple this season.

He plans awesome dates

Kaitlyn and Chris taking on Costco and then cooking dinner together? Now that's a date that will tell you if you're compatible with someone. I feel like Kimmel's planning skills would help Kaitlyn and/or Britt narrow down their choices in a way that tells them who they'd get along with best in the real world.

He's not afraid to bring up touchy subjects

Kimmel is tactful, yes, but being that he interviews people for a living, he knows how to bring up sore subjects that other people would brush under the rug. And honestly, if one of these women is going to marry one of these men, those are the things they need to discuss. Kimmel would make an excellent mediator for those kind of talks. There is no elephant that can exist in any room when Kimmel's around.

He's hilarious with Kaitlyn and Britt

As their interviews with Kimmel after The Bachelor finale proved, where there's Kaitlyn, Britt, and Kimmel, there's magic. Maybe it's just because he's a people person, or maybe it's because he's so funny, but when he's around, he makes them both seem way more entertaining.

We could use a little comedy

On The Bachelor, Kaitlyn and Ashley S. were both often seen as the comedic relief, but there will be no Ashley S. on The Bachelorette (unfortunately) and Kaitlyn will be busy hopefully choosing the man she'll spend the rest of her life with. Enter Kimmel, who will have perfect timing in making inappropriate jokes. This will be especially handy if Britt is chosen, because of all the crying. It's fine, Britt. I, too, am a crier. But with Kimmel's comedy, maybe the emotional factor could be a little more balanced.

It's a new way to spice things up

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

As evidenced by the fact that there are two Bachelorettes and that there didn't seem to be a single rule during Chris Soules' season, Kimmel could actually host the show. It would definitely keep people watching.

The Bachelorette "Mean Tweets" needs to happen

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Every week, hoards of Bach fans take to Twitter to do their worst to the cast and every week, Kimmel could film a new edition of "Mean Tweets" based on everything people have said about the show. I think it would be wonderful.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC