Should Brandi Leave 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'? Maybe Her Drama Isn't Actually Such a Bad Thing

Brandi Glanville has been the target of every type of attack so far on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So is she just too dramatic, even for reality TV? Should Brandi leave RHOBH ? Over the course of the past few seasons, pretty much everyone who knows her from the show either used to hate her or hates her now. But you know what? I say lean into it, Brandi. I think she should embrace her position as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills villain. I think she should go full out antagonist for one more season, and then retire from RHOBH on top, after laying bare each and every cast member for exactly who they are.

Seriously, her biggest mistake has been acting like a wolf in sheep's clothing. She claims to be wounded at even the smallest of offenses, and yet is the first one to buy those magazines and throw them in Lisa's bag. I'd love to see a more confident Brandi, a more secure Brandi, a Brandi who knows what she's good at (causing drama) and what she needs to stop doing (crying).

But there are a few things Brandi needs to do first if she's going to fully go over to the dark side. After so long pretending to be the innocent victim, it's time for Brandi to embrace her scheming nature and go full dark side.

Stop Trying to Court Allies

Bad guys go to the good guys once, give them a chance to join them and then, when rebuffed, swear to take them down. They don't keep going back and forth and trying to get people to like them again.

Convince Yolanda to Also Be a Bad Guy

Yolanda is wonderfully icy and dismissive when she wants to be, but she's been way too warm and open-hearted to be a true villain. If these two are going to run some sort of villainous game, then Yolanda will have to leave behind her hostess-to-the-world schtick. Stop offering people water and lemons out of your ridiculous fridge! Instead, offer delightfully snappy reads.

Embrace a Darker Lipstick

It just seems more evil! It's a classic good gal gone bad look. And I just feel that it would be more flattering than the pale pinks she wears sometimes. (Full Disclosure: I will admit that I could be wrong about this one, as I am no beauty expert.)

Expose a Crack in Lisa's Armor

I may be totally alone on this, but I am so bored by Lisa Vanderpump. She is bor-ing, so smug, and secure with her position as the queen of Bravo, that she just has to wave her hands and all the fans fall at her feet. I'd love to see Lisa exposed as who she is — a savvy player of the game — by an equally matched rival. Brandi came close, back in the very beginning of the series, but I think she has the power to seal the deal.

Write a Tell-All Book About It

Hey, she's "written" books before (quotes only in reference to the fact that they were reportedly ghostwritten), and they've captured her irreverent tone. I'd love to hear a tell-all about how she became a RHOBH villain, owned the show, and peaced out before anyone defeated her. After all that, Brandi Glanville will truly have earned the spinoff she's always talking about.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy (4)