Obama Talks Climate Change, Foreign Policy & Marijuana With 'Vice' And Doesn't Hold Back

From taking selfies in BuzzFeed 's Obamacare video to occupying Stephen Colbert's seat in The Colbert Report , President Obama has always gone the unconventional route on his press tours. Turns out, two days before he read mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live , Obama sat down with Vice on March 10 and fielded online readers' most popular questions. There were no holds barred for Obama, who talked climate change, foreign policy, marijuana legalization, and more with Vice founder Shane Smith.

Much of POTUS' answers in the interview, which was made available in full this week, were directly aimed at the Republican party. He blamed Republicans for political gridlock on Capitol Hill and spoke out against GOP members of Congress' who sent an open letter (written on March 9, the day before the Vice interview) to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warning the Iranian leader that any of Obama's nuclear arms deals would not last past his presidency.

Some of Obama's answers were typically presidential, with only abstract ideology presented and no clear-cut solutions offered. But a few soundbite gems definitely emerged, particularly when it came his views on how the Republican party could improve. Oh, and his thoughts on young people's obsession with marijuana legalization? Priceless.

On how his two daughters give him hope for climate change policy

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On political gridlock in the federal government


On the Republicans' letter to Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

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On U.S. foreign policy and the ISIS threat

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On the federal government legalizing marijuana

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Watch the full interview as Vice sits down with Obama and asks the questions we're all wondering.

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