Are Any Duggars Courting Right Now? '19 Kids And Counting' Needs A New Couple To Focus On

I have always been a huge fan of 19 Kids And Counting, but I especially love all the wedding stuff that's been happening on the show lately. Maybe it's because the Duggars' way of dating is so radically different from everything I've ever known — picking a match with the help of your father, nothing but #SideHugs 'til you're engaged, nothing but hand holding 'til you're married. It's like they live in another world. Jill's wedding to Derick Dillard was way more beautiful than I would've thought, and I can't wait to see Jessa and Ben Seewald's wedding. I also can't help but wonder who might be next — even if there has yet to be a hint on the show about anyone else in the family courting. So what's the deal? Are any of the Duggars courting right now?

Officially, no, if by "officially" we're talking a formally announced courtship by the family. However, the rumors are definitely out there, but none of them have actually been substantiated by any of the Duggars — or any other legitimate source, for that matter. That doesn't mean courtships definitely aren't happening, though. I hope that they are, because now that I know how much fun it is to watch a Duggar wedding come together, I need another one in the pipeline by the time Jessa's wedding hits TLC.

Here are two of the biggest courting rumors currently circulating about the Duggars.

John David

Jana's not courting, but her twin brother might be! According to OK!, toward the end of 2014, an Instagram user called Maisiespace posted (and then deleted) several pics standing next to John David and has also taken photos with Jana — and she was invited to Jill's wedding. It's totally plausible she's a family friend, but it does seem like they've gotten cozier than Jim Bob and Michelle typically allow unrelated members of the opposite sex to be.

Joseph Duggar

Now that Joseph's attending a private Christian college in Tennessee, he's close to the Bates family... which obviously leads to rumors that he's dating one of the Bates' daughters. Inquisitr says that since moving further south, Joseph's most likely match is Tori, who's his age and goes to the same school as him. Are they courting? There hasn't been any confirmation, but stranger things have certainly happened (especially on this show). Joseph is 20, which is prime age for courting and marriage in the Duggar family. Besides, if you don't think a Duggar/Bates wedding would be completely adorable, you're just kidding yourself.

What's the likelihood that either of these rumors have any truth to them? As a professional, way too obsessed Duggar fan, I'd assume Joseph would want to finish school and have a job before he began a courtship — unless it's a long one and he plans to hold off on engagement until after he's graduated, but that's not typically his family's style. If I had to guess which Duggar would be courting next, it would definitely be John David. He has several jobs, is 25, and definitely seems like he's ready to start a family of his own.

Maybe once the hype behind Jessa's wedding is out of the way, the Duggars will make an announcement? Fingers crossed!

Image: duggarfam/Instagram