When Does Kendall & Kylie Jenner's iPhone Game Come Out? Let's Take A Look At The Clues

It seems like just yesterday that Kendall and Kylie Jenner were avatars in their sister Kim Kardashian's iPhone game, but now they're striking out on their own into the dog-eat-dog world of iPhone gaming. As they announced on Tuesday, Kendall and Kylie are releasing an iPhone game, which begs the question: when is Kendall & Kylie's iPhone game coming out? As reluctant as you may be to admit that you care, you totally want to know.

Considering that this news is still very new, we'll have to be a little creative when it comes to teasing out the answer to this question. Lucky for us, in our investigative process, we can look at Kim's iPhone game trajectory as a template for how this project will pan out. If I'm correct in my suppositions, the sisters Jenner will probably follow Kardashian's path pretty closely. Just call it an celebrity detective's hunch.

When it came to Kim's game, there was about a eight month time lapse between the announcement that the game was happening, and the actual release of the game. According to AdWeek, Glu Mobile announced that they were developing a game in partnership with Kardashian in November 2013. The game was released in late June of 2014.

Very few details about the game have been released so far, so I can only speculate whether or not the Kendall and Kylie game will take more or less time. I'm not even sure if they're using the same company as Kim. However, both of their tweets announcing the game featured pictures of their Kim Kardashian: Hollywood dolls, that were released a mere two weeks ago. This makes me think that they might be partnering with Glu, and that the time it takes to develop their game might be similar to Kim's.

If we're of that mind, we could guess that the game will come out about eight months from now (March 2015) in November 2015. However, it's entirely possible that we won't have to wait so long. After all, they have a pretty high-profile cross-promoting opportunity coming up this summer. Back in February, Topshop announced that a Kendall and Kylie capsule collection would debut in their stores in the summer of 2015. Perhaps the pair will try to fast-track the development of their game so that they can debut it closer to the capsule release?


After all, the target demographic (teenagers) will be on summer break during this time. Translation: plenty of unbridled free time to spend tapping on an iPhone screen. The adults playing it ironically will just have to take longer lunch breaks.

Taking all of this info together, I'm just gonna make a wager that the game will be released in either August or September 2015. Until then, I'll just have to resume playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and hope that Willow Pape hasn't trashed me too much in my absence.

Image: Getty Images; Giphy