This Dog Singing Along To Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" On 'Britain's Got Talent' Is A Musical Genius — VIDEO

If you were already feeling slightly inadequate at life, gather round so I can remind you that a dog can get on Belgium's Got Talent while there's a 99.99% chance that you never will. But in Lady Xena's defense, she's not just any pooch. When she takes the stage, this dog sings along to "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston with enough emotional depth that you will want to cry puppy dog tears right along with her. Honestly, seeing this display of talent is enough for me to go cold turkey on all other talent shows for life.

So what exactly would possess a dog to leave behind everything she knows and pursue fame and fortune performing onstage? It turns out that dogs actually have quite an affinity for music. Studies show that classical music de-stresses dogs, and that animal shelters use it successfully to keep rescue dogs calm. But the particular reasoning behind a dog's urge to sing along is a little more innate than that. Researchers think that dogs might mistake singing—particularly female singing that more closely mimics the high-pitched sound of howling—for the sound of a dog calling out to them. Because they are dogs and entirely more social than species with Netflix queues, they howl in the same pitch to reply.

Still, I find it hard to believe that that was the motivation behind this moving piece of performance art. Lady Xena clearly feels this deeply in her doggy soul.

And when people start to clap and laugh, she has the most iconic "WTF, humans?" face of all time.

Just look at this moving performance and see for yourself:

I actually have a theory that, although dogs can't speak Human, they can, in fact, speak Whitney Houston. It turns out this isn't the only dog that has sung along to the late singer's hits. She is joined in the ranks by all these four-legged divas:

1. This proud soprano

2. This a cappella puppy

3. This despondent cocker spaniel

4. This dog whose appreciation for Whitney Houston goes beyond his ability to sing

What the world clearly needs now is for all of these dogs to team up, form a Whitney Houston tribute band, and tour around the world.

Images: YouTube (3)