Artist Simona Bonafini Shows Us How Our Favorite Disney Characters Would Use Instagram — PHOTOS

A lot of us spent the majority of our childhood wanting to be Disney characters, without ever considering that Disney characters, if they were real people, might actually want to be you. I mean, think about it: Most of them hail from eras that were clearly pre-indoor plumbing. Why wouldn't they lust for our 21st century gadgetry? Unfortunately they're just as stuck in their fictional worlds as they've always been, but artist Simona Bonafini has let them have a taste of ours by imagining how the most infamous Disney characters would use Instagram. No pressure, but even though these characters are living pre-tech, I can almost guarantee that their Instas are classier and better hashtag-ed than all of ours.

Not only is the art boss, from the strategically drawn chest hair to the poses that just ooze sass, Bonafini's ability to show the character's natures in the comments section is spot-on. Prince Eric, for instance, is clearly the poster child for emoji users if there ever were one. The stepsisters are delightfully squabbling over Cinderella's digs. Even Abu gets in on the action, his little monkey eyes clearly scarred for life by Aladdin and Jasmine's PDA.

We already saw a year or so ago how all of our favorite Disney princesses would interact on Instagram, but this takes the app's game to an entirely different letter. Fictional friends of Disney, after looking at these I am more desperate than ever to be "Part Of Your World":

So how else would our favorite princesses fare in the real technological world? We've apparently put a lot of thought in this as a species. Aside from Instagram, here are a few other interpretations of Modern Disney:

1. Tinderella

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In which romance is hilariously dead.

2. Modern day Disney princes

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Soooo much creepier than 5-year-old you remembers them being.

3. Disney princess Spring Breakers

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'Tis the season, after all. Even Disney princesses aren't immune to the Gen Y world.

Images: Courtesy of simonabonafiniartwork/Facebook (7)