Who Plays Luke On 'One Big Happy'? Nick Zano Has A Hilarious Sitcom Past

After an unfortunately short run with The New Normal (I seriously loved that show, and miss it still), NBC is premiering a brand new sitcom focusing on a "new normal" relationship in One Big Happy, which premieres Tuesday, March 17. One Big Happy stars Nick Zano as Luke, a heterosexual man, and Elisha Cuthbert as Lizzy, his gay best friend, who decide to have a child together. Things get complicated soon after when Luke meets the love of his life, Prudence, played by Kelly Brook, and quickly marries her. And then there were three (well, four if you count the baby Lizzy is pregnant with). The role should be easy for Zano, who is no stranger to sitcoms, as he's been in a lot of favorites in the past.

Zano isn't new to the comedy scene, and when a show is produced by the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres, that's definitely for the best. We're going to want someone who knows their way around a funny show, and Zano seems to be the perfect person for the job. Here's how you know Zano, who had a huge breakout role in 2003 on one of the greatest sitcoms ever (especially for '90s babies who grew up in the suburbs and longed for the metropolis).

What I Like About You (2003)

What. A. Show. Seriously, it had everything — including Zano — that Generation Amanda Bynes needed. Zano played Vince, Holly's on-again, off-again boyfriend, who you were definitely rooting for on the show.

Happy Endings (2012)

Elisha Cuthbert and Zano have actually worked together before on Zano's quick arc on Happy Endings (another amazing show that left us way too soon). On Happy Endings, Zano played Pete, Penny's (Casey Wilson) ex-fiancé.

2 Broke Girls (2011)

On 2 Broke Girls, Zano played Johnny, who was a love interest for Max for a while. He was also a graffiti billboard artist (is that the official LinkedIn title?) and sported some facial hair and glasses that suited him quite well.

90210 (2012)

Zano hasn't done all comedy work, he's also dabbled in whatever genre 90210 is (drama? teen? soap? all three?). On the show, Zano played Preston Hillingsbrook — which is one of the most incredible TV names ever, might I add — who becomes engaged to Naomi in Season 4, but only so he can get his inheritance. They don't last, obvi, but hopefully One Big Happy will.

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