10 Times Portia & Ellen Were The Best Couple Ever

by Chelsea Mize

Hollywood is chock full of hot, celebrity couples that we love to obsess over — Brangelina, Bey-Z, the Obamas, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend... and that's just to name a few. However, all of those celebrity couples can't even hold a candle to the best celebrity couple of all time (sorry, Kimye) — Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres. The duo have been together for over 10 years and, lucky for us, we've gotten to watch their relationship flourish on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I know I can't be the only one who has 'shipped Ellen and Portia on The Ellen DeGeneres Show .

Ellen never fails to amuse us with her funny antics and hilarious guest stars on the series, but some of the best moments on Ellen are the moments in which we get to see Ellen and Portia's relationship in action.

Not only do we get to see how much Ellen and Portia love and support each other, we also get to see what a wild and crazy ride their relationship is. Let's take a look at all the times Ellen used The Ellen DeGeneres Show to prove that she and Portia are the best celebrity couple of all time:

Ellen's Wedding Monologue

Ellen gives us a glimpse of her special day with Portia.

Portia's First Visit on The Ellen Show

Ellen celebrates her seven month wedding anniversary with Portia by actually having Portia on the show for the first time. We learn some shocking secrets, like the fact that Ellen is actually taller than her wife.

Ellen and Portia Play The Newlyweds Games

Also from Portia's debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: the couple tested their relationship knowledge with a tough round of The Newlywed Game.

Jennifer Aniston Grills Ellen and Portia On Their Marriage

On this episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jennifer Aniston co-hosted, and asked Ellen and Portia to spill the deets on their marriage.

Ellen and Portia Make A "Hottest Couples List"

Ellen is delighted to have found out that her and Portia have made a "Top 10 Hottest Couples" list — but it's not what she initially thinks.

Ellen and Portia Show Everyone How to Win at Holiday Letters...

Ellen and Portia, showing up holiday letters everywhere.

...And at Christmas Cards

Ellen and Portia show us that the Kardashians can teach us all something — namely, how to take inspiration from their over-the-top holiday cards.

When Ellen Secretly filmed Portia Working Out to Jane Fonda

Ellen is a notoriously epic prankster and no one is safe from her pranks, not even her beloved wife.

... And Portia Pranked Her Back, Hard

Portia took to Twitter for a little prank retaliation. Watch as Ellen kills it singing along to "Uptown Funk" while working on her bikini bod.


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