Cookie Would Be A Better 'Empire' CEO Than Lucious & She's Already Proven It

If you love Empire, I feel like what you really mean is "I love Cookie." Because ever since she walked out of the joint in full, contemporary hair and makeup, Cookie has always shown Lucious who's boss. And even though she isn't, she absolutely should be — Cookie would be a far superior CEO for Empire Entertainment than her husband. Seriously, Cookie, the human embodiment of someone saying "yaaaaas, queen," who manages to walk into the room at the right time, every time, and who is literally always on fleek, in the original eyebrow-centric meaning of the word, has absolutely no fear about anything, and runs both her personal and professional life with no leaks. Basically, the opposite of her ex-husband, who's seemingly always running into a baby he fathered or a woman he cheated on. Say what you will about prison, but it certainly does keep one from accumulating additional skeletons in the closet.

Cookie is not perfect, and all of this business with the feds is going to blow up in her face, but she has owned Lucious all day, every day, since she got out of prison. Here are just the best ways Cookie has proven that she is the true head of the Lyon family and ought to have the business title to prove it.

When She Supported Jamal

This dates all the way back to the very first flashbacks, where Cookie was the parent who protected Jamal from his aggressive, bigoted father.

When She Kept Hakeem In Line

Way back in the pilot episode, Cookie showed Hakeem who's boss the only way he'll pay attention: by hitting him with a broom handle. Even though he was just a baby when she went off to prison, she's still got a bead on exactly how to deal with her youngest son. That's what he gets for swearing at his mama — and notice that he hasn't repeated the same mistake again, and is instead very affectionate.

When She Threw Her Shoe To Get Lucious' Attention

I have replaced every single other way to say "baller move" with "throw a shoe."

When She Was a Much Better Producer

Somehow Cookie was able to encourage Courtney Love's difficult character Elle Dallas to produce a great record.

When She Moved On From Her Ex & Flirted Like Crazy

Maybe Cookie and Lucious will end up together at the end of the series, but for now, she's trying to move on... even if she and Lucious still share the odd hookup.

When She Refused To Engage With Sexist BS

Cookie's comebacks are always amazing, whether she's dealing with her own kids or just a musician who doesn't know their place.

When She Shut Things Down With A Rhyme

That was a good call. Make things simple for Lucious. He doesn't seem to understand the concept of how to be a faithful husband, so lay it bare, Cookie. She won't be the other woman.

Every Single Time She's Ever Walked Into a Room

Cookie has some kind of sixth sense of exactly when it's time to walk into a room. Because it seems like her timing is always perfect, and perfectly dramatic.

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