14 Easter Chocolates That Are So Extravagant, They'll Put Your Cadbury Creme Eggs And Chocolate Bunnies To Shame

Easter is fast approaching, and no matter how you celebrate, I certainly hope that it involves lots of Easter chocolate. Even if you don't get an Easter basket anymore, that is no excuse to stop indulging in the many sugary delights that fill stores' shelves the second after Valentine's Day up until Easter Sunday. But you know what your neighborhood Rite Aid has in stock, and I'm not here to talk about Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, Dove chocolate eggs, and plastic bags of jelly beans. No offense to those mainstream treats (I'll definitely admit to a decent stockpile), but the lesser-known chocolate bunnies and eggs of the world are truly something else — and maybe even worth the splurge.

From truly insane creations that probably go for more than your yearly rent to carefully crafted beauties that cost, well, a little more than a few creme eggs, chocolatiers everywhere are keeping the Easter chocolate game alive. Even if you aren't a chocoholic (bye), these confections are so pretty to look at that you'll want them just to display at Easter brunch. While the majority of the world's most impressive Easter chocolate seems to come from Europe (typical), there are quite a few stand-outs stateside too. Here are 14 finds to spur your sugar cravings and inspire your Easter table.

1. VeryFirstTo's Diamond-Eyed Bunny

For just $49,000, this 11-pound Tanzanian chocolate bunny can be yours! Not only does this guy have gold leaf eggs, he also comes with two diamond eyes — that I guess you could have re-set after devouring all 548,000 calories.

2. Hotel Chocolat Giant Ostrich Egg

This giant Ostrich-style Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat (retailing for about $110) is the gift that keeps on giving. The ultra thick milk chocolate shell is loaded with crispy puffed rice and cookie crunch pieces, while the inside is stuffed with 27 different flavored chocolates and truffles. Gimme. Hotel Chocolat also makes chocolate Easter Egg Sandwiches that are crazy adorable (and significantly less expensive).

3. Jacques Torres Giant Smiling Bunnies

Available in milk, white, and dark chocolate, the "Smiling Bunny" by Jacques Torres stands over two feet tall and costs $99. However, they're hollow (psh!), and therefore only available in-store, as they're too delicate to ship. The New York chocolatier also makes a giant rooster for the same price.

4. Lake Champlain Chocolate Bunny

Named the "best dressed" Easter bunny by Real Simple, this little guy from Lake Champlain Chocolates goes for a very reasonable $89. But he looks like he's getting an ego.

5. Conrad's Candy Giant Bunny

This 26-inch bunny from Conrad's Candy goes for just under $200. He weighs about seven pounds and is obviously accessorized. Shanté, you stay.

6. Vosges Enchanted Mushroom

A welcome alternative to the bunny brigade, this $75 Enchanted Mushroom from Vosges is filled with a rich, creamy dark chocolate hazelnut blend and then decorated by hand. They suggest using it as your Easter table centerpiece before cutting into the decadence.

7. Marquis Ladurée Camées Eggs

Although primarily known for their macarons, this French label's chocolate line is just as covetable. For about $60 this box of cameo-laden eggs by Marquis Ladurée is (almost) too pretty to eat.

8. Marks and Spencer Collection Easter Egg Gift

For only about $60, you can get this Pollock-y paint-splattered egg AND a bottle of prosecco from Marks and Spencer in the UK. Basically all you need for Easter brunch.

9. Betty's Imperial Sweet Pea Egg

Considering how enormous and intricate these are, I'd say the nearly $400 price tag is almost reasonable. Sadly, the handmade Imperial Sweet Pea Egg from Betty's is only available in the UK, but we can admire from afar. The "Spring Flowers" version is slightly less expensive.

10. Thornton's Marvelously Magnificent Easter Egg

At about $40 each, these massive milk chocolate eggs from Thornton's in the UK can be personalized with a name or message. Just the thing for your small child — personalized chocolate half their size.

11. Pierre Hermé Contemporary Artsy Eggs

That first one looks like a light fixture in my parent's house, and the second one is either a futuristic airstream or straight up from space. Parisian label Pierre Hermé is not messing around, and these go for about $100 and $200, respectively. The Oeuf Galet (above) is meticulously molded from Peruvian dark chocolate and "studded with luscious coloured disks (galets) to appeal to all the senses." Obviously. The Oeuf Infini (below) is based on a sculpture called "Drop" by Tom Shannon, and features dark Brazilian chocolate and pistachio dust.

12. Godiva Beaded Egg

If presentation is your thing, look no further than the Godiva Beaded Egg. For about $70 you get the intricately beaded egg stuffed with various flavors of mini eggs wrapped in jewel-toned foil. Sadly, these guys seem to only be available overseas, but I'll take the DIY inspo.

13. Melt London Blossom Egg

This extra large dark chocolate egg from Melt in London is the Sally Draper of Easter eggs. I'm wondering if there's some sort of shellac I can use to cover this and keep it in my room year-round. This guy goes for just under $70, comes in a pretty pastel box, and is also available in milk chocolate.

14. Harvey Nichols Easter Eggs

This egg in an egg from Harvey Nichols looks like you're not allowed to touch it, but you ARE, and you can EAT IT — for just under $40. If you're up to splurge on international delivery, their other designs are equally impressive.

Images: VeryFirstToKnow; Hotel Chocolat; Jacques Torres; Lake Champlain Chocolates; Persuitist; Conrad's Candy; Vosges; Marquis Ladurée; Marks and Spencer; Betty's; Thornton's; Pierre Hermé (2); Godiva; Melt London; Harvey Nichols