Beyonce Wore Black Lipstick And Blew Us Away

Rihanna gets all the press and media attention for her constantly changing hair and makeup. But Beyonce changes up her look as frequently (and as beautifully) as RiRi. Bey always keeps us guessing but never disappoints, either. Beyonce had been rocking a lob, which is easily the most popular cut among celebs since last year, but she has also been seen with flowing, goddess locks, all in the same three-month period!

Now, she has gone with a natural curl look in a photo she posted on Instagram. But what's more striking is her lack of makeup, save for that glossy, black (or really dark Bordeaux, depending on the lighting) lipstick.

Bey made a statement by being totally minimal. It's a generally "no makeup" makeup look, but with one feature played all the way up, and that's really all she needed to do. She was adventurous with one product and the rest magically fell into place.

The singer's darkly painted lips offer up just a hint of shine and they are futuristic and devastatingly amazing. But then again, when isn't she the latter?

It's also as though her "Wowza!" lips call even further attention to her eyes, which aren't rocking any smoky shadow or cat-eye liner. Funny how expertly applied makeup does that for the wearer, right?

See beautiful Bey below.

Her lips capture the eye more so than her cleavage — which is a pretty impressive feat.

Beyonce remains totally on trend and on point, schooling us all in the art of balancing statement with minimalistic elements. Black (or even extreme berry) lipstick is so tough to pull off, since it's so powerful and color-dense. But any member of the Beyhive should be inspired to try it.

Just make sure you use these pics of Bey as inspo and follow these black lipstick tips!