Tom Hiddleston Valentine's Cards. You're Welcome.

It's been a tough year for love. Let's face it, between Benedict Cumberbatch's spontaneous engagement and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's impromptu marriage (sob), most of your celebrity crushes are taken. In fact, all we're left with is Tom Hiddleston — which, you know, is not a bad deal, since the Marvel god is an absolute gentleman, an intellectual, a lover of pizza (at least in my mind) and a hopeless romantic. Hiddleston is the kind of guy who will take it slow with you, because he knows you've been hurt before (and how) and it's for all these reasons he should be your Valentine this year.

And that's where I come in. Since you probably can't physically manifest hot celebrities (to my knowledge) I've created a bunch of Hiddleston-themed Valentines, garnished with his own words, just in time for the holiday. So if tomorrow is looking like it might be gloomy, don't worry. Hiddleston is here, with a bouquet of long-stem white roses, ready restore your faith in love. Likewise Taylor Swift is here with a carton of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food if you're feeling a bit less romantic.

So don't be sad. No matter who's disappointing you today, it's refreshing to know that there's at least one person there by your side. And here is, reminding you...

1. It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before.

He knows that the feelings for Ryan Gosling still linger. He believes it's entirely normal to feel this way. He's going to be the one to help you get through this.

2. We all have our light and dark sides.

Ahem. Perhaps this implies that we all have the choice to to love or not. Maybe this will stop you from excusing your ex's behavior, or maybe this is an eye-opener to the fact that YOU were at fault in your last relationship. You know, the one you had in your mind with Ian Somerhalder.

Or perhaps this I'm overthinking this and it implies bedroom things. I'll let you decide.

3. You're a courageous warrior.

REACH FOR THE STARS! And, no, probably not the Hollywood stars, because look how badly THAT turned out with George Clooney.

Never stop trying to love, no matter how scary it may seem! Be yourself, even if you don't think you look good without a Valencia filter. Go on, send that message to the first sane-looking person you found on OKCupid this week! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

4. You need to stop and appreciate the little things.

Okay, you're really upset that Johnny Depp's engagement didn't crash and burn like it should've. I get it. We both get it.

Regardless, appreciate the little things you can get out of the holiday, from conversation hearts, to tiny boxes of chocolates with puppies plastered on them. Things aren't that bad.

5. You have a capacity to spread your love in many directions.

It doesn't have to be a romantic, dramatic kind of love that you felt with Channing Tatum. You and Hiddleston can have something much more mature and stable. (At least I think so.)

And if that isn't enough, focus on the platonic love in your life: you can love your parents, you can love your friends, you can love your cat, you can love six out of seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, love is all round. Don't be skimpy with it!

6. And if all else fails, there's always meaningless sex.

OKAY, so this technically a Loki one, but I stand by what I said.

Images: Mary Grace Garis/Getty (6)