What Is Lea Michele Doing After 'Glee'? She's Not Leaving The Realm Of Ryan Murphy, That's For Sure

After six seasons, Glee is finally taking its curtain call. Fans of the show will say goodbye to some of their favorite characters, and the actors that have portrayed those characters will move on to new things. One Glee cast member, Lea Michele, has shot to stardom from the Fox series, and now that the show is over, fans might be wondering what Lea Michele is doing post-Glee. Don't worry Rachel Berry fans, Michele has a lot planned for her after Glee career.

During Season 6 of Glee, Rachel's return to Lima (and McKinley) was the homecoming the show needed. Not only was she back, but so was everyone else. But her short time on Broadway (and even shorter time in Hollywood) felt unfulfilled — inevitable, even — which is why she's getting another chance in New York, to complete her studies at NYADA.

Lea Michele, who has been one of the leaders of the show since the very beginning, might be leaving Glee, but she won't be abandoning all of her Glee family. Instead, Michele will be moving on to another Ryan Murphy production, because you can take the girl out of Glee, but you can't take the Glee out of the girl. Here's what Lea Michele is doing now.

Scream Queens

Michele will be starring in the new Ryan Murphy show Scream Queens. This horror-comedy revolves around a college campus that has been plagued with murders, and the cast is nothing short of amazing. Michele isn't really going into details as to who her character is, but has said her role is "out-of-control crazy, insane and hilarious." She also said some crew members didn't even recognize her when she came on set as her character, so there's that to look forward to.

Bollywood Superstar Monkey

Michele will lend her voice for an upcoming animated film called Bollywood Superstar Monkey . According to The Wrap, Michele will play Pinki, a monkey who has to teams up with two monkey brothers to save the city and defeat a demon king and rescue her superstar owner, Chandani. Neato.

Taking In The Outdoors

If you follow Michele on Instagram, you know that she's never a stranger to posting about her love of hiking and spending times outdoors. Well, now that Glee is over, Michele is wasting no time and getting outside. Seriously, this girl just finished a six season show and she's not even taking a day off.

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