18 Old Photos Of Drake As A Kid, Because He Really Might Be The Cutest Child That Ever Existed — PHOTOS

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Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a Drake superfan. I actually go way back with it, too. I was a devoted viewer of Degrassi: The Next Generation , the TV show where Drake played a wheelchair-ridden Jimmy Brooks. This was a very different Drake than we know and love today. Before he was coining his own slang like "YOLO" and writing song lyrics that would serve as Instagram captions for a generation, he was known as Aubrey Drake Graham. And he was photographed a lot by his parents. Check out these adorable Drake throwback photos that really embody the meaning of Nothing Was The Same .

From wearing silly sweaters to dressing up in costumes, this is not the Drake we know today. These photos may not help him gain any street cred, but it will show you just how adorable he has always been. Hint: it's the most adorable possible.

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