There's a New Celeb Lifestyle Blog on the Internet

Goop and Preserve better brace themselves for some new competition, because Julianne Hough's new lifestyle site is about to give them a run for their money. The dancer and actress launched her new platform today, and I'm actually quite impressed at the latest addition to the internet's collection of celebrity/guru musings. Bonus: there's not a single $4,379 gold juicer in sight.

Although it doesn't have a trendy name — it's literally called — I kind of like how "basic" it is. The site focuses on health, style, beauty, and living an overall full and beautiful life (what a concept.) It's unpretentious and down-to-earth, and if her words are ghost written, she's hired someone really good. Her hair tutorial was even done in her own bathroom with photos taken on a webcam, from the looks of it; it's all very girl-next-door in the best way possible. Plus, a braid idea for short hair? THANK YOU, Julianne — or Jules, as your site refers to you as.

I'll probably experience some major jealousy over seeing photos of her with her hot hockey player beau Brooks Laich (the frames on the walls in the aforementioned hair photos are too cute), but I'll live with it, because this site is something I'd actually rely on for fun, relevant advice that I can actually use. I was always on the fence about Julianne Hough, but I've definitely made up my mind. The moment you consider pizza almost a salad, I'm in.

Image: juleshough/Instagram