Natalia Kills Opens Up About The 'X-Factor' Firing

By now, everyone has probably heard that Natalia Kills and Willy Moon were fired from X Factor New Zealand for bullying a contestant. I mean, sure, those of us who are fans of American Idol might consider, oh, anything Simon Cowell ever said on the show as bullying, but there's a difference between a caustic Cowell comment and what Kills and husband Moon said to contestant Joe Irvine. Watching the video of the event makes it kind of a no-brainer that they were let go. According to E! Online, Kills has a different outlook on her X Factor firing — and, at the very least, you have to respect her for sticking to her guns. Because, from her statements, Kills still doesn't think that she and Moon did anything wrong in saying to Irvine, "I am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion."

The comments — which were harsh enough that Lorde sent Irvine cupcakes to show her support — only got progressively worse from there, but, in Kills' opinion, they were completely justified. "I feel like everyone needs to put the idea of it being a manufactured conspiracy theory behind them, there's really nothing to it. I love my husband with all of my heart, we'll stick together no matter what. There are many sides to this story and I am not about to get an entire industry in trouble that has been going on for years and years entertaining the masses, so thank you absolutely everyone for your support... I would like to wish Joe Irvine and my boys category all the best on the show."

Hannah Peters/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And that's just incredibly confusing to me. Is the "conspiracy theory" about Kills' comments or about Kills' dismissal? What other sides are there to the ruthless evisceration of an X-Factor contestant for the crime of imitating Moon's personal style? And how would clarifying her comments get the entire industry in trouble? From start to finish, this statement just further muddies the situation until it's even more incomprehensible. Then again, it doesn't seem that Kills was hoping to clarify anything by speaking out than it does seem that she was assuring us that she and Moon are just as rock solid as ever after being fired. Which is great for them, but doesn't really answer any of the many questions still lingering after their joint X-Factor rant.

It's not that I am expecting an apology from either one of them. Their opinion is their opinion and, although they could have stated their opinions in a way that was both more considerate and not quite so detailed, I respect that their outlook on Irvine's talent isn't positive. However, there's a difference between having an opinion and giving someone a complete dressing down on national television — and the latter deserves a better explanation than, "there's really nothing to it." However, I suppose if we're not going to get one then it's better to let it go. Whether Irvine wins New Zealand's X-Factor or not, Kills and Moon have already been dismissed.

Relive the cringe-worthy moment below.

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