Tom Hiddleston Hits 2 Million Twitter Fans, So It's Time He Step Up His Tweet Game

It's official: two million people love Tom Hiddleston. Just a little over a year after hitting one million fans, Tom Hiddleston now has two million followers on Twitter. Although his achievement is nowhere near top Twitter earner Katy Perry's 67 million, it's still a pretty impressive feat for the Avengers actor. After all, he once went four months without tweeting anything and still racked up thousands of fans. But now that he can reach two million people on the social media platform, I hope Hiddleston chooses to tweet more.

Back in 2012 when his career was just taking off, Hiddles tweeted all the time. Those were the good old days, and I'm constantly hoping he'll get back to that at some point. But not only do I want to see more tweets from him in the future, (within reason, I know he's busy) I also want to see specific kinds of tweets from him.

As much as it's nice to know when he'll be appearing on a certain radio show, or which charity he supports, Twitter is such a cool tool to peek inside the head of your favorite actor and that's why I hope his Twitter milestone will inspire Hiddleston to make these nine kinds of tweets more often.

A Tweet Celebrating His Two Million Followers

When Hiddleston hit one million followers we got the lovely tweet above. Here's hoping we get just as charming a response this time around!

Behind-the-Scenes Shots of His Movies

Hiddleston is doing so many interesting projects right now between Thor 3 and Kong: Skull Island. As a fan, I'd love a sneak peek at what's to come considering those movies feel like they don't come out for a million more years. And although sometimes he'll tweet a still from the film, it's almost always a promotional shot. I'd love to see more personal pictures from the set of his upcoming films.

Songs of the Day

Once upon a time Hiddleston used to recommend songs to his followers about once a day. Learning what kind of music he was listening to was really cool (and not just because we totally have the same taste in music). I don't expect him to post a song every day, but every once in awhile could be cool when he's feeling excited about a new number.

Responses to Fans

Every so often he should throw his Hiddlestoners a bone and actually respond to one of their tweets. Half the point of Twitter is that you get to interact with your fans, and I feel like Hiddleston is missing out on that.

Snapshots of His Daily Life

He's so private, but sometimes it would be fun to see a picture of him in his regular life. Besides if he's the one posting it, he can control how much we see while still letting us in a little.

More Charity Challenge Videos

His Ice Bucket and Tongue Twister challenges made my whole life better. It's a win-win for everyone. He raises awareness for charity, and fans get to see him being adorable.

Pictures of Him Hanging Out With Celeb Buddies

Hiddleston is friends with all your favs from Emma Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch. If he feels so inclined, the next time he's hanging out with one of his famous pals he should post a selfie to Twitter. It could break the Internet in the best way.

More Posts About Feminism

His voice is an important one because he has so many followers that he can educate about gender equality.

Things He's Uncontrollably Excited About

I love seeing what makes Hiddleston happy because it reminds me that everyone fangirls about something. For me, it's him. For him, it's the Olympics, Batman, and more that I can't wait to learn about.