Will One Direction Replace Zayn Malik On Tour? It Probably Wouldn't Go Over Well

Did you hear the big news? If you're a One Direction fan, then there's no doubt you've already been alerted that Zayn Malik exited One Direction's tour. The band is touring in Australia and Asia, but Malik chose to head back to the United Kingdom because of stress. According to 1D's publicist, Simon Jones, "Zayn has been signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate. The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta."

While most fans are sending good thoughts and well wishes to Malik on Twitter by using the hashtag #HaveAGoodRestZayn, there's no doubt some fans are wondering if Malik will be replaced on tour. If you consider yourself a hardcore 1D fan, don't get yourself all in a tizzy. There's been no word if Malik will be replaced, but there's always a chance that he could be. Even though we still don't know how long Malik will be out for, One Direction still has a lot of upcoming shows. Can the band survive without Malik? Will they choose to continue touring without a fifth member?

If you were to ask me, I'd say there's no way the band will replace Malik. Why? Well, I'm so glad you asked. Here are few reasons why 1D won't add a temporary new member.

They've Performed As A Foursome Before

This isn't the first time 1D has performed without Malik. Remember that time they performed in Orlando without Malik, because he had a "tummy bug?" Then, Today show host Matt Lauer asked if Malik's absence had to do with drugs? Yeah, that didn't go over well, but the band's performance did. Also, 1D continued singing as a foursome while touring in Australia when Malik walked off stage mid-show. Reportedly, he was too sick to perform and that's why he exited and never returned. See? They can manage without him and don't need a new face to help them continue as a successful band.

Fans Would Cause An Uproar

You don't mess with One Direction fans — ever. Can you imagine the uproar if 1D announced they were bringing on a new member, even if it was for tour purposes only and not permanent? I have a feeling fans would storm the stage and not just so they could gather sweat for their personal collections.

Malik Is Their Good Friend

I think it'd be pretty shady for the band to replace Malik on tour. How about you? However, if Malik gave his approval, that'd be a different story. With that said, I don't think the guys would go that route, because Malik is their good friend. They probably have nothing but support for him and will continue performing as a foursome, until he is ready to return.

It Wouldn't Be The Same

Can you imagine attending a 1D concert and having a random person up there in the place of one of the usual members? Me either. Well, actually, I can, because I've never been to one of their shows. Anyways, it wouldn't be the same. The vibe of 1D would be totally different, the fans wouldn't enjoy it, and it just wouldn't feel like a One Direction concert.

Note to 1D: Do not replace Malik, because it won't end well.

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