15 Cute Sunglasses Under $25 That'll Protect Your Eyes (And Make You Look Cool) All Summer Long

I know it only just officially became spring, but the slightly warmer temps already have me yearning for summer — which means shopping for cute sunglasses, obviously. So now I'm getting revved up about all those summer concerts, festivals, and of course, beach trips. And with all of these activities, sun protection is important. We know this. But so is having the best accessories. That's where sunglasses come in. Best of both worlds, right? However, I always find myself loosing or sitting on my favorite pair of sunnies during all the summer fun. But if those shades were say, under $25, I probably wouldn't be as disappointed as if they were some $250 designer ones, right? So to keep up with your hustle and bustle, here are 15 shades that not only provide UV protection but are also relatively inexpensive.

Image: leeleelu/Flickr

by Miki Hayes

Colored Aviators

Classic Aviators with blue and gold mirrored lenses? Yes please.

Women’s Aviator Sunglasses, $17, Target

Beachy and Round

These Coachella-approved sunnies even have some palm tree accents. Does it get more perfect than that?

Sunglasses, $13, H&M

Accented Cat Eye

Cutout metal accents give these shades a retro vibe.

Sole Society Brandy Cat Eye Sunglasses, $25, Nordstrom

Awesomely Octagonal

Show off your angles with these fun, octagonally shaped shades.

Angle Angel Shades, $20, Nastygal

Classic Clubmasters

These tortoiseshell clubmasters will go with any look. Perfect for wherever the summer takes you.

Women’s Round Clubmaster Sunglasses, $17, Target

Floral and Round

These sweet floral frames and purple gradient lenses are just too cute.

BP Bridgette 55mm Floral Print Round Sunglasses, $12, Nordstrom

White and Gold

Brighten up your look with some white and gold shades like these from H&M.

Sunglasses, $8, H&M

Chunky Cat Eye

Up the ante with extra large tortoiseshell cat eye frames and gray lenses.

Corita Cat-Eye Shades, $20, Nastygal

Bold and Retro

These bold, wide frames give the best of both square and round worlds.

A.J. Morgan 50mm Retro Sunglasses, $24, Nordstrom

Sky Colored Glasses

Because the only thing that should be bluer than the ocean and the sky are your shades.

Both Worlds Round Sunglasses, $18, Urban Outfitters

Embellished and Round

These black floral lace frames are sweet and edgy at the same time.

Flower Patch Round Sunglasses, $18, Urban Outfitters

Pink and Gold Hearts

Love will be in your eyes with these pink and gold lenses with a delicately ribbed metal frame.

Women’s Novelty Heart Sunglasses, $15, Target

Metallic Brow Bar

Raise the bar in some chunky black frames with a gold metallic brow bar.

Bueller II Shades, $20, Nastygal

Long and Lean Cat Eye

Get an edgy extra long and pointy brow with these cat eye glasses.

Coolgirl Catmaster Sunglasses, $16, Urban Outfitters

Cute Cutouts

The only thing better than heart-shaped sunnies are cutout heart-shaped sunnies.

Valentina Round Heart Frame Sunglasses, $16, Urban Outfitters