When 'Girls' Comes Back, It'll Be Torture

The saddest day of the year is when the Season 4 finale of Girls happens because I know I have to wait almost a year until Hannah and the gang is back in my life. Luckily, even before season four began this year, Girls was renewed for Season 5 (because it’s just that good). HBO hasn't announced when Girls Season 5 premieres (because that's just not how these things work), but I would be 100 of Ace's toothbrushes that it will be January 10, 2016, considering that for the past three years, the Girls premiere episode has always landed on the same night as the Golden Globes. I am already counting down the days.

I know it sounds too cruel to be true, but with the exception of the very first season, every single Girls season premiere is on the same night as the Golden Globes, which is actually kind of annoying for fans who like to watch the HBO show and the award show. Even Lena Dunham knows our pain. Before the Season 2 premiere, she tweeted to her fans, “I am excited for the Golden Globes/sad I won't be in bed with dumplings reading your twitter responses to the @girlsHBO season premiere.” It probably hurt a little less when she took home two Golden Globes that night.

But because we can almost certainly guarantee that HBO will put is through this emotional torture once more, here are the six emotions you're going to go through when choosing between watching the Girls premiere and the Golden Globes because it’s kind of like Sophie’s choice, but less dramatic.

1. Denial

Every year we are secretly hoping they change the date so that we don’t have to go through the stress of picking. Of course, every year we are in denial because it never changes.

2. Fear

There’s always a moment when you walk into work after having missed a big event and you have no idea what everyone is talking about. That’s what happens when you miss the Golden Globes, or an episode of Girls.

3. Anxiety

You just love watching Dunham in real life, but that night you have to choose between your love for Dunham and her counterpart Hannah Horvath. The struggle is real.

4. Anger

Nothing compares to when you’ve chosen to watch the Globes and then Girls doesn't win best TV series.

5. Relief

That moment you realize you have HBO GO. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

6. Satisfaction

That moment you see Elijah for the first time in a year. Nothing compares to that. Most satisfying moment ever.

Images: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO; Wifflegif (6)