Idina Menzel Is One Step Closer To Becoming Elsa

With the news that Frozen 2 is on the way, levels of fan freak-outs are at threat level: BLIZZARD. There's chaos in the streets! Parents are hiding, shaking in their bathrooms! Children are demanding that their teachers call them Olaf! And now Elsa herself has gone and tipped the scale: Idina Menzel dyed her hair blonde, making her one step closer to actually becoming the character she voices in the Frozen franchise. The Broadway star posted a photo of her new look on her Instagram Friday with the caption, "Look what me and my girl @jtfranchuk did today. Needed a change. Loving it! #brunettetoblonde #blondehairdontcare." She's gone full Nordic, y'all.

It seems like going ice blonde is a big trend nowadays: First Lena Dunham rocked the look, and then Kim Kardashian bleached her normally dark locks. Now, with Menzel hopping on the trend... well, here's hoping the next big thing isn't princess hair-bleaching parties. It could happen people — it could happen. Or, what if kids start putting bleach in their parent's shampoo? THIS COULD BE A NATIONAL DISASTER.

That said, I reckon it'll probably just make for some fabulous selfies and fresh looks for the Frozen songstress. Plus, now that Menzel has the hair down, she could totally transform herself to take on the full Elsa lifestyle. Here's how she could do it:

Open a Frozen Yogurt Chain Called "Olaf's Treats 'N More"


She'd have President Obama's seal of approval.

Starts Rocking That Alpine Look on the Red Carpet

Miguel Villagran/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So chic!

Become a Vodka Spokesperson


Her brand would be in every trendy ice bar around the globe.

Take Up an Arctic Cause


Like global warming and glacial melting.

Start a Reality Show Called Let it Go

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In which Menzel goes to people's cluttered homes to help them let go of the items they really don't need.

Judge the National Ice Carving Association's Competition


I think she'd have plenty of expertise.

Here's her awesome new 'do!

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