9 One Direction Breakup Songs For Louis Tomlinson

No one does fandom like Directioners do fandom. One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson reportedly split up with longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder, and fans are freaking out on Twitter. Some were thrilled, others were horrified, but all were apparently deeply invested in Tomlinson's relationship with Calder, which seems to have come to an end. The Daily Mail reports that Tomlinson and Calder had been dating since bandmate Harry Styles introduced them to each other four years ago, but a friend of Tomlinson reportedly told People that the One Direction tour schedule made it difficult for the couple to make time for each other, and relationship just wasn't working out. "Louis is really upset about it all," the friend said. "They tried really hard to make it work but it was just impossible, he's away for nine months a year and they just grew apart." According to a One Direction rep, Tomlinson and Calder haven't formally announced their split "as they wanted some privacy during this time."

Luckily for Tomlinson, belonging to a British boy band means he won't have any shortage of breakup songs available to help him (and emotionally invested fans) through while he takes some much-needed time to cry through rom-coms and eat his feelings and eventually realize he is strong, independent, and ready to mingle again. Here are nine songs to help Tomlinson and fans through the different phases of the breakup:

"More Than This"

For the early breakup stages.

"Fool's Gold"

When he realizes the relationship wasn't meant to be.


When he accepts that the end was inevitable.

"Where Do Broken Hearts Go"

But he still kind of wants her back anyway.

"Does He Know"

For the expected post-breakup hookup.

"Over Again"

When they briefly contemplate getting back together.

"Nobody Compares"

For the "but I'll never find anyone as good as you!" stage.


For when Tomlinson is all sassy and over it.

"Up All Night"

For when he's ready to move on to someone new.