Grieving 'Glee' In 5 Stages

OK y'all, it's time for me to have my big, shining Real World/Jersey Shore confessional moment that I've dreamed of since I was just a small, impressionable, curly haired child. Here it goes: Embarrassingly, I cried very real, grown ass tears while watching the Glee series finale. I know, I know, I need to get a hold of myself. You have to understand something: I thought it was perfect. And, just an FYI, I haven't used that sort of sentiment in relation to the show in a very long while.

Not so shockingly, I've had a big ol' Glee picture pinned to the hypothetical bulletin board of my mind for years and may or may not have hurled imaginary darts towards it every now and again. If you're a die hard Gleek or probably mostly if you're a former one, you can probably sympathize with me. It's just become a well known fact that as much as you can love Glee is as much as you can well, not love it, in other instances. And so, as much as I'm glad I can tuck the show away into the dusty archives of my mind while still listening to the incredible music it produced on the daily, I am still unexpectedly upset that it's over. So, if you're feeling some type of way like me, here are the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief, Glee style. And, how you can overcome it... eventually.

1. Denial

You know don't even deserve the right to be so distraught, not after the way you and Glee have treated each other over the years, but it's still hella hard to let it go. So cool it, Queen Elsa.

Remedy for this?

Remind yourself that despite it being over, they're releasing the entire series on DVD. So, actually, it's NEVER over.

2. Anger

For all of the wasted potential.

Remedy? Deny the bad points very existence. For example:

Person: Hey, remember when Glee didn't jump but pole vaulted over the shark?

You: Nope.

3. Bargaining

You think, maybe, if you take back every bad thing you ever said about the show and bought all of their songs that you frugally listen to on Youtube, that'll garner enough funding and "oomph" for a revitalized seventh season. That'll work. It has to.


Address all checks by way of Ryan Murphy.

4. Depression

The world now may be a little more quiet than we bargained for.


The best thing about Glee is how cathartic it can be. So revel in it a bit. Let yourself sob as you listen to Naya Rivera's version of "Songbird" or Lea Michele's gutting take on "Yesterday." It'll do you good to sort out all of your misplaced feels in front of your mirror, working on your cry face.

Everyone needs a semi-attractive cry face.

5. Acceptance

It's gone, yes, but that's OK. Most shows don't get the luxury of 6 seasons, much less one that sparked so much controversy. So, let's take it for what it was. A unique, special "phenomenon" (as it's been called so many times) that, cheesily enough, literally brought "glee" into our own lives.

And remember, if you're feeling particularly down and out, there's always "Push It":

Play it on loop. Play it forever.

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