10 Catwoman Moments On 'Gotham' That Reveal Selina Kyle's True Character

We're nearing the end of Gotham's first season, but fans have to wait for its final few episodes. The show won't return until April 13, and until then, we'll just have to relive some of the most badass Catwoman moments from Gotham Season 1 to pass the time. This kid version of Catwoman, back when she's still known primarily as Selina Kyle, is one of the series' best characters. She mostly lives as a street urchin, claiming to have a mother (though we've only ever seen her on her own) and makes her way through Gotham City's criminal underworld. Selina hasn't always handled things perfectly, but she sure has a good head on her shoulders and always manages to land on her feet (I can't resist a good cat pun).

Selina may even hold the key to solving the Waynes' murders, as she was the only direct witness besides Bruce Wayne himself. Gotham has also tied the origins of the young Batman to the young Catwoman; their will-they, won't-they romance now dates back to their teen years. Selina may have started as a supporting character, but in just a few episodes she has evolved so that like Penguin, Catwoman is now one of Gotham's best and most unique interpretations of a Batman canon staple. Along the way, she also proved that Catwoman has been a tough character her entire life. Here's how:

1. When She Came Forward To Admit She Saw The Wayne Murders

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This could have have backfired for Selina, but her first act of bravery was coming forward to meet Jim Gordon after being arrested. She savvily knew that her observations could be used to get her out of a jam, but also took the chance to do something that could help the Waynes.

2. When She Escaped Those Child Snatchers

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Another early standout moment for Selina was her Catwoman-esque escape from the bus sent to take her to the Dollmaker's workshops. She managed to hide in the back of the bus until the rest of the kids were safe and out of the way, then proceeded to outsmart, outrun, and outthink those gun-wielding cronies.

3. When She Decided Lunchtime Was Over

It took a while before Selina trusted Jim, so early in the series when he spotted her while at a hamburger stand, she made a daring escape. This included diving into the sewer with no hesitation in one of Gotham's best early action sequences.

4. When She Took Ivy Pepper Under Her Wing

Poison Ivy may not have her plant powers yet, but she's already a very prickly young orphan. Making an alliance with her was a brave move for Selina.

5. When Selina & Ivy Broke Into Barbara's Place & She Wasn't Even Mad About It

Selina used some early cat burglary skills to break into Barbara Gordon's old apartment — and then, when Babs came back, she just kinda shrugged off her tiny visitors, asking them for fashion advice and turning the whole thing into a slumber party.

6. When She Took Rejection In Stride...

That would hurt just about anyone who wasn't a superhero, but she came through totally unscathed.

7. And Then Ended Up Getting That First Kiss Anyway

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It was totally adorable and seemed like this time, both parties were on the same page. So begins the next 40 years of a tumultuous relationship between the two.

8. When She Managed To Escape A Team of Freakin' Assassins

BruceandSelina on YouTube

Uh, yeah, this was the most superheroic moment in the show's history so far. We still don't know why the assassins came after her, but it might be tied to the ongoing Dollmaker saga.

9. When She Taught Bruce Wayne His First Lessons in Vigilantism

Things could have ended very differently if Selina wasn't a good teacher — like with the future Batman splattered on the sidewalk.

10. When She Showed Up to the Hospital to Comfort Bruce

Even though this was a rare example of sensitivity from Selina, it's actually the ultimate character moment. She showed that she actually cares about Bruce and wants him to be safe. It was the first time she really showed her appreciation and care for someone else before, proving that Selina is a badass in every sense of the word.

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