Come Back, Maks & Meryl!

Rumors continue to fly for one of Dancing's top showmances ever, Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Even though they took home the trophy almost a year ago now, it's still hard to say where they stand, which is why fans are still hoping Maks & Meryl visit Dancing With The Stars Season 20 to cheer on Maks' brother Val. Still, the champs both vehemently deny the fact that they're dating, and there are even persistent rumors that Maks has gotten back together his with fellow DWTS pro and former fiancee Peta Murgatroyd, but there are just so many reasons to believe otherwise.

Who can forget Maks and Meryl's very telling body language or all those times Maksyl "proved" their "love" on and off the dance floor. There's the fact that basically everyone with a Twitter account thinks that they should date. Heck, Bustle contributor Mallory Schlossburg even labeled Maksyl's freestyle number "dance-sex." So where are those "ice skating, big, Russian, mean babies" (to quote Maks himself) already? And if Maks and Meryl 'shippers the world 'round are really just 'shipping the impossible, would it hurt to give them one more appearance, just for old times' sake?

It's all kind of up in the air right now: No official announcements have been made vis-a-vis their potential Season 20 reunion. They did appear in the Season 19 premiere, so there's definitely a chance that they'll be back again... right? Right? Here are five reasons they might just do it:

They Stayed Friends

Dating or no, at the very least, they're friends — which hopefully means they'd jump at the chance to make a guest appearance.

They Promote Stuff Together

Meryl was recently named as the brand ambassador for Vera Bradley — and Maks came with her to sign autographs in Deer Park at a Vera Bradley event.

They Even Dance Together

Their tenure on DWTS may have ended last May, but they still call each other dance partners: They danced as part of the 2014 Shall We Dance Live on Ice this winter, and they'll be performing in the upcoming SWAY this June.

Maks is Already Visiting the DWTS Practice Rooms

Apparently Maks and Scout Willis both visited their respective siblings on set — so would another set visit (plus a dance or two... or three... or four) with Meryl in tow be much more of a stretch? I think not!

This is Season 20

DWTS isn't exactly a show known for its subtlety, and making it all the way to Season 20 is definitely cause for celebration — so I'm guessing we're going to be getting guest appearances galore, and who better than one of their most popular mirrorball trophy winners ever?

I'm thinking a visit is in order, guys.