We May Not Be Shipping Lisa & Mick On 'The Flash'

I'm excited to finally see Leonard Snart's sister Lisa on The Flash. With all of the metahumans causing their own special kind of trouble, it's fun that Barry Allen's most formidable foes are just regular humans who abuse technology. The Rogues, as the three of them are called, look mighty close. Two of them are siblings, of course. But based on the promos and previews above, is something going on between Lisa and Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave? I think that might be a violation of the bro code in more ways than one, but I don't know. This could be flirting. It could also be a threat. Hard to tell with rogues...

In the comics, I'm sorry to say, these two characters are not in a relationship. Lisa recruits Mick to get revenge on The Flash, but that's the extent of their involvement. In fact, she forms a revenge team in the first place because The Flash killed her boyfriend. I'm thinking fourth-dimensionally now that time travel was officially introduced in last Tuesday's episode. Is it possible that for Lisa, her boyfriend has already been bested by Barry Allen even if we haven't met him on The Flash?

Actually, Lisa's love interest in the comic books is much cooler, though his name needs a little work. Lisa Snart's lover is a man named Roscoe Dillon, who goes by "The Top" in the comics as a super villain. Let's hope Cisco Ramon can work his magic on that one. Anyway, Roscoe Dillion's power is that he can spin around really fast using practice and technology. He earns points with me by not conforming to the trend of having weather-related powers with this new found talent. He's not a hurricane or a twister. He's a spinning top.

I hope we get to see Roscoe on The Flash. He and Lisa meet because once upon a dream, she was a figure skater. However, I wouldn't expect the Golden Glider to be another ice-based superhero on The Flash. It appears that the writers have embraced the other half of her title instead...

Talk about a Midas touch! So, what is Heat Wave and Lisa Snart's relationship on the Flash? Does Mick regret having to drag Captain Cold's "kid sister" around? Is Lisa trying to seduce information out of her brother's bestie? Do they have a romantic history or future that diverts from the comic books? I could be wrong, I'm willing to admit that.

As far as IcyHot metaphors go on this show, I like Heat Wave and Captain Cold as a buddy pairing. They are the platonic version of Ronnie and Caitlin. If Caitlin was a metahuman, we could draw some more parallels. On one hand, I don't know that I want to break up this dynamic duo with a romantic interest for Heat Wave. On the other hand, they would be following in the grand tradition of fictional trios where two have a sibling-like relationship, two are best friends, and two are potential lovers. Think Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (though that changed over time). As long as nobody forgets about Roscoe "The Top" Dillon, I'm game to see what The Flash has in store for its next villainess.

Images: Dean Buscher/The CW (2); boniferhasty/Tumblr