6 Times 'Southern Charm' Fan Lady Gaga Proved To Be A Southern Belle

Last Monday evening, avid reality television watcher Lady Gaga tweeted about Patricia Altschul, the matriarch of Bravo series Southern Charm. I have yet to leave cloud nine. (This is like the Rihanna/Reza Farahan gym interaction all over again. If I wish for it hard enough, will my dream of watching Bravo shows with RiRi and Gaga ever come true?) “Patricia on #Southern Charm, like lookin’ in the damn mirror,” Mother Monster wrote. “Cheers queen.” Patricia replied, "thank you Darlin for that gracious compliment." Um, YES to all of it. Say what you will about the Internet, but every now and again, it truly can be a magical place.

Here's another dream I would like to see become a reality: I want Lady Gaga and Patricia Altschul to appear on an episode of Watch What Happens Live together. Could you even imagine the outfits? Or the snark? Or the one-liners? Or the all-around fabulousness? What a magnificent duo.

Though she doesn't kick up her Steve McQueen armadillo boot'd feet at a historic mansion in South Carolina à la Manhattan socialite-turned-Charleston socialite Pat Altschul, Stefani Germanotta definitely has an inner Southern Belle. Sure, the New York City native has done some things that weren't exactly debutante-y (e.g., wore a dress made out of meat, incorporated a vomit artist into her stage show, et cetera), but Lady Gaga most certainly can turn on the charm. The Southern charm, that is:

She's a fan of whiskey

Whiskey is a major part of the Southern lifestyle. As the wise Patricia Altschul once quipped, "You think just ‘cause we’re Southern, you can put [bourbon] in everything. We drink it with everything, we don’t put it in there.”

This brunch ensemble

Just this last weekend, Lady Gaga attended her friend's wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana. At a wedding brunch, the singer served Southern Belle realness.

She has perfected the art of the glamorous nap

Pearls and feathers and silks and tiaras, oh my! Like Patricia, Gaga knows how to lounge in style.

Her hat game cannot be stopped


Whether it be a polo match or horse race, she'd be the toast of any fancy-schmancy outdoor event.

"Money Honey"

"Money Honey", which appears on Gaga's 2008 album The Fame, is all about loving the finer things in life, but loving love more. Gaga "gets" the Southern socialite life. If I didn't love "It's Easy" by Mia Sable so much, I would suggest "Money Honey" be the Southern Charm theme song. The lyrics fit the show like a leather horse riding glove.

She can rock a corset

Eat your heart out, Scarlett O'Hara.

Image: Getty Images