Kanye West Takes North To The Beach, Is Happier Than He Ever Has Been Or Ever Will Be — PHOTOS

Making a fuss over Kanye West looking happy is pretty played out at this point. No, it isn't surprising to see Kanye smile. Of course he is capable of joy. Yes, obviously, he has teeth. That's why it's hard for me to write about Kanye looking happy without worrying that everyone will think I'm exaggerating, but I must march on. Why? Because Kanye West took North to the beach and it is the happiest he ever has been or ever will be in his lifetime.

I know what you're thinking, you've been duped by articles claiming Kanye West looked his most happy in the past. (I understand. I've (gasp!) written one myself.) Well, all I can say is, this is different. It involves North wearing non-fashionista clothing, the beach, and father-daughter love that is palpable even through a laptop screen. Other times you saw Kanye West look happy and were all, "Whoa! Kanye's happy!" pale in comparison. This is like being able to see a thousand more colors that you could previously, or being able to experience the world through more than three dimensions. This is some Interstellar-level stuff.

Now, I've given you ample time to prepare yourself. Behold! Kanye West inexplicably wearing sneakers on the beach and enjoying the hell out of life with his daughter:

Pure. Joy.

Now, to take a look at Kanye's past experiences with glee as points of comparison...

You thought this was happy?

Well, check THIS out

Think throwback Kanye is the happiest?

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I raise you Kanye with North on the beach

Kanye and Kim Kardashian meeting Obama features the ultimate smiley Kanye, you say?

Pshaw! Obama would never prompt Kanye to make THIS face

Kanye West meeting Ralph Lauren puts up a good fight...

Nope... North wins

Case closed. Kanye has reached peak happiness. Don't ever tell me you have found the happiest pic of Kanye because I won't believe you. Unless he and Kim have a second child and Kanye and the two children visit a water park. Then I'm in.