What's The Deal With Charles DiLaurentis On 'PLL?'

How many reveals is Pretty Little Liars going to drop on us in one night? We're all still asking ourselves: Who is Charles DiLaurentis on PLL ? And during Tuesday night's finale, Charles appeared again — this time, however, more directly than just in Mona's anagram. During some alone time in her room, Spencer had a dream that a set of children's blocks spelt out the name "Charles." Does that mean that Charles DiLaurentis is A — I'm still not entirely sure. But it definitely means that the latest DiLaurentis to join PLL is a part of A's game in an even bigger way than we thought. Update: By episode's end Charles is Big A and maybe Jason's twin.

The Liars seem convinced, after Spencer's revelation, that Charles might actually be A's identity. Which, honestly, might make perfect sense — but like Bustle's Kaitlin Reilly pointed out, it'd be far too easy for PLL to solve the Charles mystery and the Big A Reveal in one fell swoop. It'd just be unfulfilling and ineffective, especially when we consider that Keegan Allen teased that the A reveal would be "heartbreakingly beautiful." But, if Charles isn't A, then what the hell does this mean?

Do the children's blocks confirm that Charles might be Alison's child? That's one of the theories that's been swirling around Charles' identity since he was introduced in Mona's note a few episodes ago. Absolutely not — the blocks hints that Charles is actually Alison's long lost brother and confirm that he's Big A. And, surprise, surprise, he's "got a soul."

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family, Giphy