Does Jessa Duggar Have A Job? The Seewalds Have Other Priorities After Their '19 Kids' Wedding

While on the TV version of her life, 19 Kids and Counting, she still isn't married, what is Jessa Duggar doing now in real life, considering we know she's actually been married since November? She's spending most of her time with her new husband, Ben Seewald, and most of her other career and family plans seem like they're on hold. She hasn't started training to become a midwife, like Jill was, or signed up for any college classes.

Right now, it looks like both Ben and Jessa are recovering from their eventful year of wedding planning and honeymoon traveling, because they're taking it easy. On 19 Kids, Ben says he wants to become a preacher, but it doesn't seem like he's made any more steps towards pursuing that. Currently, the only work information I can find about either Ben or Jessa is that they're both traveling frequently, making appearances at events like the "Southern Women’s Show," and supporting their family's conservative political beliefs at several pro-life rallies.

Actually, some fans are a little annoyed at Ben's continued unemployment. The Hollywood Gossip noticed that fans attacked Ben on Instagram for not having a job, calling him out for living off of the Duggar family. But fans aren't privy to many aspects of the Duggars' lives, and may not have the whole story on Ben's current work situation. We still haven't gotten the chance to see the 19 Kids and Counting version of Ben and Jessa's nuptials, but both of them are still vicariously living through their romantic travels with Instagram and Twitter posts. But that doesn't mean Jessa isn't doing anything — she's keeping busy a few different ways.

Both Ben & Jessa Are Renovating Their Home

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Because they're still working on figuring out their careers, Jessa and Ben are living in one of Jim Bob's properties for the time being, allowing them to have a private space away from the rest of the family. Rather than the mini-mansion that Jill and Derrick received from their parents, Jessa and Ben are staying in an older house, which used to belong to Josh and Anna. Since the older couple ended up neglecting their home for a while in the transition of moving to Washington, D.C., the house developed black mold and needs a lot of TLC (no pun intended).

She's Working Out

I don't know why, but I never really imagine the Duggar family hitting the gym, maybe because we've only seen Josh and Jim Bob exercise on 19 Kids. But as it turns out, Jessa makes time to go to the gym, and she credits Ben as her trainer — so both Seewalds are renewing their commitment to fitness.

Hanging Out With The Duggar (And Seewald!) Siblings

Ben and Jessa have ended up with plenty of time to spend with their siblings. As the cool, young, new married couple (compared to the rest of the Duggars), they're always happy to go grab some ice cream.

And She Could Be Pregnant

This always ends up being the headline to any Duggar newlywed post, but I can't help it — there are always rumors! A Duggar fansite's Facebook page, called "Duggar Family News: Life Isn't All Pickles and Hairspray" posted an image of Jessa and Ben cupping Jessa's stomach, which has been picked up by media outlets — Inquisitr, In Touch , etc. — as evidence that Jessa could be pregnant. The image was sent to the page manager by "," a site that's critical of the fundamentalism on display in the Duggar family. It hasn't been either confirmed or denied by Jessa that the photo has anything to do with pregnancy.

But there are a few things coming out of the Seewalds that may suggest that they're expecting a baby. No full body shots on Instagram, with the exception of throwback photos. And gossip site The Ashley shared stories of Ben behaving "weirdly" at events. Could be a hint, could be nothing — for now, Jill has the pregnancy spotlight, but Jessa could be next up.

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